Life of Vi – Violet Celebrates Father’s Day

What Violet Loves About Her Dad

By Rachel Simpson

Violet knows she isn’t a person, even if she often gets treated like one. But her human dad is still very special to her. So for Father’s Day this year, Vi would like to share with you some of the reasons she loves her dad.

Puppy Love:

Leaving your first family and first home can be difficult for puppies. That was no different for baby Vi, who needed help getting comfortable in her new home. Thankfully her dad was there to cuddle her, to reassure her, cuddle her, and cuddle her, and…

Swim with a Buddy:

Violet can’t swim, but she loves the water. That’s resulted in her dad not only taking her for dips, but even having to dive into a creek to save her from her enthusiasm. But hey, that’s what dads are for.

Coach Potato

There was some concern that Violet wouldn’t be particularly affectionate, her reputation for unruly behavior having preceded her. But she’s still daddy’s girl, and will take a snuggle on the couch with her pop over just about anything else. She’ll demand one even, no matter now busy her dad is.

100 Miles and Running

However sweet she is in the house, Violet is an altered beast outdoors. Thankfully, her dad is big enough – and patient enough – to make sure she gets in all the adventures and exercise she needs. (That’s probably part of why she’s such a sweet girl indoors).

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

Like any child, really, Violet likes to wrestle with her dad. It’s a great way to burn off some energy when she can’t go out. It’s also a much needed reminder that even with a new human baby brother cutting into the attention she gets, Vi will always be daddy’s girl.

Apple of His Eye

Violet knows she’s loved; she can sense it in the tones we use to speak to her, and in the affection she receives daily. But her dad didn’t stop there. Like a parent who gets a bumper sticker celebrating his child attending a college, Vi’s dad shows his pride by wearing a t-shirt with his baby girl on it.

Mr. Fix It


No, Vi’s dad isn’t very handy around the house but he can fix the stuff that she needs fixed. He takes her to the vet when she isn’t feeling well, and nurses her to health when she needs it. And when she’s sad (because Violet definitely has her days) her dad is there to comfort her and remind her how much we – and especially her dad – love her.