10 Emotions All New Puppy Parents Go Through

Bringing home your fur baby can give you all kinds of feels

By Catalina Barrios

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“Aww he is so cute!”, “I NEED her!” “OMG adorable!”, “Look at his little outfit!!!”. These are some of the descriptions I have heard and even have said when I see a puppy.

When I was young I remember my sisters and I asking our parents for a puppy. We saw our friends having lots of fun with their dog and thought we could do the same. Happily, our parents got us a puppy. His name was “Motas”, a cute French Poodle.


Credit: Instagram / @sunnysidegoldens

Now as an adult, I still love dogs. I was raised always having a dog in our home. I remember when I decided I wanted to get a dog for myself, I spent hours online researching the best breed for me, a dog’s care, food, shelter, everything. After my extensive research, I concluded there is no exact handbook that tells you how to be a puppy owner, neither one that tells you how to be a parent. Each dog is different, has different likes, dislikes, temper and you learn from him every day as your learn from kids.


Credit: Instagram / @sunnysidegoldens

I couldn’t resist posting this picture. Why are puppies so cute?

When you are a first time dog owner, you go through a variety of emotions. Having a dog is not easy, but I don’t want you to get discouraged as having a puppy could be one of the best decisions you will make in your life!


Credit: Instagram / @sunnysidegoldens

Chances are, you will probably experience or have experienced one of some of the following emotions as a new puppy owner:

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