How Sadie Sue Got Her Groove Back

The Tale of a Loveable Lemon Basset Hound and her Big Barker Bed

By Si Si Penaloza

Sadie Sue Jones is the most lovable lemon Basset Hound in all of Southern California. Rescued in Indiana by US Navy Vet Benjamin Jones, Sadie has enjoyed a pampered life of Traeger smoked meat treats, lavender scented brush downs and joyful trips to the pooch salon. I met Sadie earlier this year, at the age of 13. When we take her for walks, people often remark how she doesn’t look at day over 5. One dog lover at Aspen Park in Lake Forest thought she was a puppy (she does have an adorable toddler waddle).

The problem is, though she may look sprightly and youthful, Sadie’s joints and muscles have been through a decade of hiking and proverbial long walks on the beach with her human. She loves to dole out sudden bursts of speed, even at her advanced age, to teach uninitiated types in her breed creed: Never underestimate the short, stubby legs of a Basset Hound. She relishes catching unsuspecting dog walkers off guard; it’s so cute and cunning at the same time. She also loves spinning topsy turvy on her sides, literally getting tangled up in her own flapjack ears and excess fur flaps. It’s wildly entertaining for her and us.

Sadie Sue has lived in Chicago, San Clemente, Huntington Beach and Culver City; she’s put a lot of miles on those distinctive hind legs. Moreover, this sweet girl has two basic expressions: “I love you” and “That’s my snack you’re holding”. Needless to say, Sadie is unable to express herself when experiencing fluctuating discomfort levels. Evolutionarily speaking, any show of weakness sends “open season” signals to potential predators. So when arthritis or hip pain sears through the body of a big dog, they are hardwired to pretend everything is fine, even when suffering the most.

Like humans, dogs spend 1/3 of their lives on their bed. Aging dogs even more so. Every dog deserves a good night’s rest. Being able to lie down comfortably is particularly important for senior dogs, or for those bouncing back from surgery or injury. Like their humans, as dogs age, their bodies tend to lose muscle tone. As they hit double digits, circulation to the extremities is diminished, and healing slows down. At this point in life, providing your furry friend with proper dog bed is very important to their well-being.

Why splurge on a special mattress? Many breeds (especially giant Danes, Burmese and Wolf Hounds) tend to develop issues with joints pain, which can makes the simple task of getting up from a nap excruciating. Many simply grunt and bear it, or drool and doze off. Hip dysplasia can also cause heartbreaking mobility problems. Portly animals have more stress on their joints, and this can lead to early onset arthritis. Orthopedic dog beds may help with all these issues and more. In fact, by having a comfortable place to rest tired bones, your senior dog gains a new lease on life.
While Sadie enjoys her svelte figure, due much in part to Ben’s doting over her exercise and diet regime, she has experienced mobility issues in recent years. Her Big Barker orthopedic bed is made with a specialized foam that conforms to a dog’s resting posture. The denser the foam padding, the more comprehensive the cushioning of sensitive joints. This is vital for dogs unable to get up on their own, to prevent discomfort from bedsores. The thicker the bed, the easier it will be for the dog to get on and off without having to actually drop to the floor. Being elevated off the floor will also help prevent cold surfaces, such as concrete, from coming into contact with the dog’s body.

Big dogs can sleep for a whopping 18 hours a day. Given such long bed sessions, the integrity of their sleep becomes critical to their health, energy and mobility. So when the daily grind keeps you from your dog, Big Barker has your back and theirs – this bed is always on guard for the well-being of your pooch.

Big Barker orthopedic beds are extremely effective in eliminating joint-pain and increasing positive posture and overall comfort. By alleviating stress on joints and pressure points, Big Barker beds give mature dogs more energy throughout the day. Many memory foam beds don’t support a big dog as they should. They’re made overseas, on assembly lines, using cheap or remnant materials. This kind of bed can make a dog’s arthritis or any kind of hip condition even worse.

At 49 pounds, Sadie was an ideal fit for the smallest of the signature Big Barker line. They also offer a popular line for smaller dogs who sleep like big dogs. From the looks of Sadie’s “happy dance” on her Big Barker – a youthful, jazzy side to side jig with a Beyonce booty swagger finale – she’s in spine comfort heaven on this bed after two months of restful nights. She sleeps so deeply on the Big Barker, not even Sonic Youth on the sound system stirs Sadie from her slumber. It’s like she’s resting on a cloud of divine contours – supported 100% from the wood floor below. Her joints cared for completely – in no danger of impact whatsoever.

Big Barker’s unique 3-stage foam engineering process and highly supportive American orthopedic foam. If your dog is 80lbs or more, Big Barker stands ready to protect your dog’s joints from the joint-jarring pressure of the hard floor below. If your dog is 50-79 lbs, popular dog beds don’t hold up to their weight either. The problem just becomes increasingly dangerous as poundage goes up.

When possible, look for dog beds like Big Barker that are free of chemicals and have a dense, durable interior. The better the quality of the bed, the longer it will last. Your dog will reap the benefits from you doing your homework and finding just the right dog bed to help them through those senior years.

Photography: Benjamin Jones