Izzy And Augie Are The Fluffiest Tongue Out Masters

Their fur and their tongues cannot be tamed.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
izzylovesaugieCredit: Instagram / @izzylovesaugie

Tiny pipsqueak dogs like Yorkshire Terriers are a favorite breed for a reason. They’re handheld, fluffy and basically just like a living stuffed animal. When you prefer small breeds like Yorkies, life is pretty easy if you look at it a certain way. Little dog means little poops. Little dog means easier to lift and take away from danger. And as a little dog, you can feign weakness and stop walking with little to no complaint from your human.

izzylovesaugie2Credit: Instagram / @izzylovesaugie

Auggie, pictured, is the charming and dapper little brother of the pair. He’s fluffy, but doesn’t have as many flyaways as his sister, Iggy. He’s rarely seen without his tongue hanging out.

izzylovesaugie3Credit: Instagram / @izzylovesaugie

Princess Izzy is feisty as much as she is furry. Her mom tries to contain her fur with little bows and ties, but has more trouble containing her attitude. (She would not drop the ball).

izzylovesaugie10Credit: Instagram / @izzylovesaugie

The two spend their time by their mommy and by each other. They may take up little space and can nap alone, but they choose to snuggle with each other!

Augie, looking like a tiny doll, usually steals the show.

izzylovesaugie4Credit: Instagram / @izzylovesaugie

When his mother puts tiny shirts on him, he just looks like any other toy on the shelf. He’s also more willing to take photos since his sister is busy with her own business!

izzylovesaugie5Credit: Instagram / @izzylovesaugie

When the wind is in his fur, there’s no trying in containing it. Good thing he loves it or else his mom would not have gotten this adorable nautical shot of him!

izzylovesaugie8Credit: Instagram / @izzylovesaugie

But his favorite past time is lying on mom’s lap to get all the belly rubs he needs. Who could resist petting that adorable face?

izzylovesaugie6Credit: Instagram / @izzylovesaugie

His tongue even goes out to its longest potential. It’s an example of the Extreme Satisfying Tongue Length according to our research.

Of course, we can’t forget about Izzy.

izzylovesaugie7Credit: Instagram / @izzylovesaugie

Izzy is just tired of having to be camera ready at all times.

“I’m just tired of the comb, Mom. I styled it, you see!”

izzylovesaugie9Credit: Instagram / @izzylovesaugie

When their fur is in control, they make the cutest siblings ever. You can tuck them into a blanket and carry them around in one arm.

izzylovesaugie11Credit: Instagram / @izzylovesaugie

And on special occasions, they even dress up. When they do, a photo is a must and a treat is a must too! Maintaining crazy fur is hard work.

izzylovesaugie12Credit: Instagram / @izzylovesaugie

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