Model Drew Rescued This Pit Bull After Posing With Him For A Shelter Calendar

With His Dog Dennis, He’s Defeating Diabetes One Day At A Time

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @drews.daily.dose

Who here is always on a mission to be healthier? The temptation to live a mostly stationary life with fast food a few minutes away is strong nowadays. Plus, why are fruits so expensive?! Some of us comfort ourselves by thinking our occasional walk with our doggy is enough exercise for the year. But Drew and his dog here are nor about that sedentary life! Find out why below.


Credit: Instagram / @drews.daily.dose

Some of us are afflicted in ways that make it difficult to lose weight. That brings us to Drew. Drew was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Although he was devastated at first, he made it his mission to educate others with diabetes how to live more healthily.


Credit: Instagram / @drews.daily.dose

He says on his website, “Sure, my world shifted when I was first diagnosed, but after making positive changes to the way I live, eat, move and approach life, I can honestly say I am happier and healthier today than I was before my diagnosis. So in a way you could say that diabetes gave me the gift of health.”


Credit: Instagram / @drews.daily.dose

He uses his website and Instagram account to do just that. His Instagram feed shows Drew doing exercises, testing his blood sugar levels, adventuring with his friends, and most importantly, hanging out with his Pitty, Dennis!

Rescuing Dennis was another important part of living a healthy life.


Credit: Instagram / @drews.daily.dose

Near the end of 2016, Animal Rescue Central Coast approached Drew to be featured in a rescue calendar photo shoot for their No Kill Shelter.

Credit: Instagram / @drews.daily.dose

And thank goodness for Australia’s warm weather and Drew’s modeling skills because that’s exactly how he met Dennis. They connected immediately and couldn’t be separated.


Credit: Instagram / @drews.daily.dose

So to add to his many titles, he is also a strong advocate for animal rescue! He urges his followers to visit rescues and shelters to walk the animals in order to save a life.

Credit: Instagram / @drews.daily.dose

Together, Drew and Dennis do everything. Drew will take Dennis on walks, they’ll wake up next to each other, and Dennis is always around during the daily workout grind.

The two are joined at the hip and taking positive steps in their exciting lives.

Credit: Instagram / @drews.daily.dose

Dennis doesn’t care that Drew’s meals are specially catered for his diet. If it looks yummy, he thinks he deserves a bite of everything!

Credit: Instagram / @drews.daily.dose

To make their wolf pack even better is Dennis’ mommy @carlyalyssaharman who is equally as fit and successful as Drew!

Credit: Instagram / @drews.daily.dose

In Australia, where it’s always warm, Dennis’ wolf pack takes advantage of the weather and the coast and tests their strength in coves and on beaches.

Credit: Instagram / @drews.daily.dose

When they can’t be outside, they’ll make do inside. Dennis and Drew take every opportunity to match their OOTDs!

It really is a no man (or dog) left behind with these two.

Credit: Instagram / @drews.daily.dose

If Dennis isn’t welcome inside the coffee shop, then Drew won’t go inside. There’s probably a no shoes no shirt no service rule in effect, but it’s mostly for Dennis!

Credit: Instagram / @drews.daily.dose

If you’re able to cuddle your doggy, then no place is worth leaving your dog outside! They both prefer to be together no matter what.

Credit: Instagram / @drews.daily.dose

These two are stronger together than they are a part. Drew may have rescued Dennis from shelter life, but Dennis probably rescued Drew from something too.

Credit: Instagram / @drews.daily.dose

Plus, if your human could be Tarzan, you’d stick to him like glue too! For more photos, follow them on Instagram @drews.daily.dose and @a.daily.dose.of.dennis.