RuPawl Slays With The Queens For The Season Finale

This fabulous pup takes fan-pupping to a whole new level.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
xochitlpupCredit: Instagram / @xochitlpup

Move over, girls, and yes, even you RuPaul, we’ve got a new RuPaw in town. Xóchitl (pronuced So-Cheel) Quetzalcoatl, a Jack Russell and Chihuahua mix, loves watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race with her daddy as soon as it’s on TV. But that’s not all she does to show his support for his show. She even dresses up and gets his glam on while watching. If you love something, it’s a matter of time before you try to emulate tm!

xochitlpup2Credit: Instagram / @xochitlpup

That’s right. For some of the episodes, Xóchitl, gets glammed up as some of his favorites like Valentina portraying Miss Linda Evangelista after she won Miss Congeniality.

xochitlpup3Credit: Instagram / @xochitlpup

She even rivals some of the queens like Peppermint. We’re finding it difficult to choose between #TeamPeppermint and #TeamPuppermint.

fuckyeahdragraceCredit: Tumblr / @fuckyeahdragrace

Yaaas, Queen, that’s right, we got a new show budding in our hands. First @rupaws_drag_race, and now Xóchitl, the real queens better watch their wigs!

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