Dogspotting Society’s Gay Doggos Thread Shows Love Is Love

Love is love – even if it’s two dogs loving each other!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
Annika JamesCredit: Facebook / Annika James

Happy Pride! Did you know dogs will hump each other no matter what gender they are? It has something to do with dominance and probably friskiness relief. Like they said about Samantha’s dog in the movie Sex and the City, “She’s fixed, but she’s still got the urge.” And dogs don’t just hump each other – they’ll hump anything! Couches, cushions, shins, arms, nothing is safe from the doggies.

Stephanie ThaiCredit: Facebook / Stephanie Thai

We’re not even kidding – here is a hump train. But it really doesn’t matter what they hump because we love all the doggos no matter what. Except that it does get annoying when all you want to do is pet your dog and they just want to hump your arm. What do they think you are? A piece of meat??

Jessica AllenCredit: Facebook / Jessica Allen

All humping jokes aside, love is really love to dogs. They’ll love you if you love them and they’ll love other dogs too! A thread on one of our favorite Facebook groups Dogspotting Society, has a thread of gay doggos.

StephanieBaconCredit: Facebook / Stephanie Bacon

It’s all in good nature and the dogs are just adorable to look at cuddling with their dog partners. It assures us that the dog community is all about inclusion – from rescues to mixes and yes the dogs who love a same sex cuddle.

We think some of these photos should be in galleries around the world.

Annika James2Credit: Facebook / Annika James

“I got you, partner, I will censor your privates because they are only mine to look at.”

Or something like that – we’re not sure why he’s covering his privates…

Jessica Allen2Credit: Facebook / Jessica Allen

These girls will not be comfortable unless they are cuddling each other. They may be hogging most of the couch, but at least they look cute doing it!

Brooke Eva AnneCredit: Facebook / Brooke Eva Anne

These floofs don’t need humans to boop their noses. They got each other’s backs … er… noses. They also do what humans rarely do – nose licking!

They love each other and they’re not ashamed!

Katie CloughCredit: Facebook / Katie Clough

This doggy will not accept any humps from other doggos other than her grandma’s girl doggy. Some dogs are just picky like that.

Kara Schoneman DavisCredit: Facebook / Kara Schoneman Davis

These boys will always be cuddling no matter what. And as you can tell by their faces, one is a little more excited about them than the other.

SamHollandCredit: Facebook / Sam Holland

The little doggo is probably whispering, “I yip loudly when I see you because I ruff you! And we ruff them lots.

Mary FrelingerCredit: Facebook / Mary Frelinger

Shout out to dogs for standing in solidarity with humans who love each other. Dogs just prove that nothing matters when it comes to true love!