Miley’s Dog Emu Steals The Spotlight In Her New Video For Malibu

She’s learned that dogs > booty shaking.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
mileycyrus-giphyCredit: Giphy

It’s been a long time since Miley’s “shocking” haircut and shedding of her Hannah Montana identity. What some may have argued was a symbolic escape from the Mouse’s claws to a potential attention grabbing technique to sell albums has been left in the past. Miley Cyrus put her tongue back in her mouth, grew out her hair, and featured her doggy in her new country-girl music video, Malibu.

mileycyrusCredit: Instagram / @mileycyrus

Unfortunately for the doggy lovers, Emu got about 3 seconds (AT MOST) of airtime. The rest of the video was Miley in white outfits frolicking fields and waterfalls while singing her song.

malibu2-giphyCredit: Giphy

She even got her cowgirl boots on to “symbolize” her return to her roots. She sings of a brand new start, “a dream come true in Malibu”.

mileycyrus2Credit: Instagram / @mileycyrus

The lack of Emu didn’t stop an Emu fan club from arising. Miley’s fans and viewers loved Emu’s short appearance. Miley even encouraged others to watch her new video for Emu and Emu alone!

Because no effects or props can do what a doggy can do.

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It was a simple video. In the end it was just Miley, some balloons, a beach, and a field. A scene of simplicity aided by the innocence and adorableness of one of her many pets.

mileycyrus3Credit: Instagram / @mileycyrus

Miley is known to have rescued many, many pets with Liam Hemsworth. Emu is just one of many. She even had a pig at one point, who, according to my research, hasn’t shown up recently on her Instagram feed.

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We can save you from watching the video if you’re just there for the dog. This is 1 of maybe 3 seconds Emu shows up for the video. Pretty precious right? More Emu!

mileycyrus4Credit: Instagram / @mileycyrus

For now, we can just see Emu eating some watermelon on Miley’s Instagram. There are more pets to see and more of her reappearance in the music scene.

mileywhatsgoodCredit: Giphy

Because if she knows what’s good for her then she’s probably avoiding another scene like this. ???