Canadian Tire Store Goes Pet-Friendly For The Summer

Cool stores save pets from waiting in sweltering cars.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
agilityshepCredit: Instagram / @agilityshep

If we could do everything with our dogs by our side, we would. If we could bring them to work every day, they’d be there. Business meeting? Just throw a tie on your pup’s neck. Need to grab something from the grocery store? Let’s go, boy! Yet, due to people-centered buildings, it’s not always appropriate for our dogs to be everywhere we are. Could you imagine though? Dogs in the meat section? “Clean up … uh … everywhere.”

benaudetCredit: Instagram / @benaudet

A Canadian Tire store in Essex, Ontario, Canada announced that their stores are now pet-friendly during the summer. This policy came from the dog-friendly community who made some nudges to change the store’s manager’s mind.

acethecotonCredit: Instagram / @acethecoton

When volunteers or even on-duty police officers or firefighters have to go to the extreme of smashing windows to save pets in locked cars, we hope that more stores might follow suit in becoming pet-friendly.

canadiantireCredit: Instagram / @canadiantire

It’s up to the management of individual stores to make policy changes. Right now, only a few Canadian Tire stores allow pets inside. Maybe if we raise our voices, more stores will allow our furry friends in, too!

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