Cats Have Been Tolerating Us For At Least 9000 Years

It’s in their DNA.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @oje3423

It’s no secret in the cat community; some cats (maybe most cats – don’t want to generalize your playful felines) just seem like they own your house and expect you to do everything for them. They’re a little more chill than their doggy counterparts. When you come home, your dog is waiting at the door for you and will jump at you every time. On the other hand, your cat either just appears to acknowledge you or is somewhere lounging without paying you any mind.


Credit: Instagram / @oje3423

A longstanding joke is that cats think of their human counterparts as “servants” and dogs think the opposite. But now, scientists have found DNA evidence that cats have been tolerating us for over 9000 years!


Credit: Instagram / @marugadesuyo

Long, long ago, in the Fertile Crescent by the Mediterranean Sea, humans settled and starting storing grain for future use. This stored grain attracted rodents, which then attracted wild cats.


Credit: Instagram / @bo_mang_co

Over time, cats got used to the man-made environment and man. People used these feral cats to control rodents and soon, took them in as pets.

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