From Near Death To Health, Mojo’s Reunion With His Rescuer Went Viral

Hope For Mojo Shows the Transformation of a Rescue Pit Bull Mix

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Facebook / Hope For Mojo

This was how Mojo was found in 2013 at 3 months old. He was severely dehydrated, starving, and with Demodectic Mange. DM is a skin disease where a tiny parasite lives in the hair follicles and skin glands.

In 2013, Mojo was surrendered to Baie Ste Marie Animal Society in Clare, Nova Scotia, Canada. With tremendous support from volunteers, hospital staff for PEI Small Animal and Parade Street Vet, Mojo recovered into a healthy dog. Donations and support from animals all over the world made that happen. His skin disease, Demodectic Mange came from mites that he came into contact with while nursing. Mites are usually naturally present in healthy dogs, but puppies have a lower immune system and therefore are more susceptible to the disease.

When this video of the excited reunion of Mojo and his rescuer Joey went viral, so did Mojo’s story. It has over 12 million views!

Originally a kind person found Mojo in his dangerous situation, but he could not help Mojo. So, he surrendered him to the Baie Ste Marie Animal Society. This is where Joey Wagner met Mojo and raised awareness of Mojo’s situation, eventually adopting Mojo permanently.


Credit: Facebook / Hope For Mojo

When Mojo was surrendered to Joey, the poor puppy only had hours to live and Joey was with him the entire time, giving hope his condition would improve. Joey and his wife Leta fell in love with Mojo and sure enough, he did start to get stronger, slowly.


Credit: Facebook / Hope For Mojo

Mojo was treated carefully. His healing process was long and emotional, and his condition was severe.

A caring team helped to ensure a second chance for Mojo.


Credit: Facebook / Hope For Mojo

This little dog’s will to live was strong. And everyone who came in contact with him loved him and cared for him as his story traveled quickly.


Credit: Facebook / Hope For Mojo

Many people wanted to adopt Mojo as soon as they were aware of his condition. But Joey and Leta were attached to him throughout his journey and kept him. That didn’t stop Mojo from getting visitors!


Credit: Facebook / Hope For Mojo

Soon, Mojo began growing and improving. His fur grew in and he’s a white puppy! His state went 0-100 with all the love and care from all the volunteers.

Credit: Facebook / Hope For Mojo

Mojo lives his second chance with Joey and Leta and did everything a normal puppy did, just with more baths than the average dog to treat his skin condition.

Mojo has met many of his supporters but know who #1 is.


Credit: Facebook / Hope For Mojo

Wherever he went, everyone showered him with love. But he kept close to Joey. You can see even Joey’s a little overprotective!


Credit: Facebook / Hope For Mojo

Mojo became the face of his own Facebook page and the Baie Ste Marie Animal Shelter that rescued him. His face is now on clothes that are sold to support the shelter.


Credit: Facebook / Hope For Mojo

He’s grateful for all the effort people put forth for his well-being and gives licks and hugs to his supporters!


Credit: Facebook / Hope For Mojo

And his supporters come in all sizes, big and small! Look at this cute little pair – best friends forever!

Mojo proves there is hope for rescues, even in very bad situations.

Credit: Facebook / Hope For Mojo

Now he’s almost four and lives his life in comfort and love with his human family and his canine family. It’s a dog’s life.


Credit: Facebook / Hope For Mojo

He may not understand the money part of his life, but he’s always there for the photo ops to help raise needed funds for the shelter. It’s all right, Mojo, we just want to see your healthy face, that’s all!


Credit: Facebook / Hope For Mojo

His transformation is amazing. From a severely unhealthy puppy who had only hours to live to an almost 4 year old dog with all the love in the world – he really is the epitome of hope!

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