We Can’t Stop Laughing At Maymo The Beagle’s Costumes

He has a high tolerance for his human’s shenanigans

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
maymothedogCredit: @maymothedog

When people are taking care of their dog or their baby, it’s always good to have a little fun with them. This sometimes includes dressing them up in silly costumes, trying to surprise them, or giving them shame signs (like “I made a mess in the living room).

Maymo the dog is known on his Instagram as a “master of disguise” with his many costumes. He is also subjected to his owners wearing strange costumes to make silly Internet videos. Usually it starts off with his slow reaction, but after the strange being starts getting excited, so does Maymo. Above, Maymo does his best orangutan impression.

Here he is with a T-Rex running around the house. Videos like this get over 30 000 views.

However, this silly video went viral and has over 1 million views!

When he’s not making new costumes friends, he’s wearing his many costumes for solo photo shoots.

maymothedog2Credit: @maymothedog

Maymo has the tolerance of an angel, and the demeanor! He’s just as beautiful, but really, animal costumes are his forte.

One of his best interpretations is this holiday masterpiece.

maymothedog3Credit: @maymothedog

Wouldn’t you be delighted by a visit from this Easter Bunny? Not sure if it would crack a smile, though.

maymothedog4Credit: @maymothedog

“Hey girl, can you been my queen penguin to my emperor penguin?”

maymothedog5Credit: @maymothedog

When Maymo destroys pillows, he also has to wear the insides as a costume. It’s a small price to pay for the thrill of ruining furniture.

maymothedog6Credit: @maymothedog

Sometimes, you gotta be like a black bear and just chill in the forest to know what’s up.

And other times, you have to nap like a panda because…naps!

maymothedog7Credit: @maymothedog

What a tranquil pose. It’s almost as if Maymo has become the panda.

maymothedog8Credit: @maymothedog

Maymo also judges you for having an empty fridge, but at least the stuff inside is healthy. Is this art, fashion, or both?

maymothedog9Credit: @maymothedog

The orangutan makes its way back, but this time he’s outside! It’s always better to be outside when you’re an orangutan.

maymothedog10Credit: @maymothedog

And here is Maymo in his apparently favorite type of costume, a polar bear!

If gently bothering your dog with costumes is wrong, Maymo’s parents don’t want to be right. Follow Maymo on Instagram @maymothedog.