Could Your Dog Be Part Mermaid?

Probably not, but your dog can dream.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
ejescobar333Credit: Instagram / @ejescobar333

In a time where the world is our oyster, we can expand our personality and appearance to whatever we’d like. From identifying with the mystical unicorn to even the ultra fab Babadook, we can see ourselves in the most intriguing objects. And one of these fairy tale-esque objects is the mermaid.

tucker_maisy_springerCredit: Instagram / @tucker_maisy_springer

We’re the opposite of The Little Mermaid. We don’t want to be where the people are. We want to trade our sore legs for a beautiful, sleek tail. So when we swim, we can swim deep and flawlessly through the ocean unexplored.

vidas_bluenosekissesCredit: Instagram / @vidas_bluenosekisses

Or maybe we just don’t want to be defined with what’s in between our legs and finally put everyone on equal ground. Everyone would have a tail and it wouldn’t matter!

thetwirlygirlCredit: Instagram / @thetwirlygirl

So, we just live vicariously through our movies and books and comics. And we make our surroundings as mermaid-y as possible. That includes dressing up our dogs in fantastic mermaid outfits.

We already dress our dogs up in human outfits, why not mermaids?

mr.busterthegoldenCredit: Instagram / @mr.busterthegolden

If they’re comfortable when you give them a mermaid tail, then they can’t really complain, right? They wouldn’t know the difference between a blanket mermaid tail and a regular blanket.

louie_the_frenchtonCredit: Instagram / @louie_the_frenchton

Now you can see how your usually short and stout pup can look long and fabulous like a mermaid. It’s essentially just a strange, scaly tail replacing the short stumpy one.

kygo_thepomkleeCredit: Instagram / @kygo_thepomklee

Your dog doesn’t even have to wear the tail! Just wait until your dog falls fast asleep and wrap the tail around his body. You get the same effect and the best picture.

bigsquishythebulldogCredit: Instagram / @bigsquishythebulldog

Puppies will love it! You’ll cover them with the warm tail and they’ll curl up and be comfortable. But, they will wonder why you’re not curled with them.

Anyone can be anything they set their heart on.

dash_the_beagleCredit: Instagram / @dash_the_beagle

This Beagle will do whatever it takes to know what it’s like to be like a mermaid. If he has to wrap himself in a regular blanket, then that’s what he will do.

squad.4.mermaidsCredit: Instagram / @squad.4.mermaids

How could not love a dog dressed up as a mermaid, anyways? They’re just the cutest little sea-pets you could have!

fortheloveofdogtrainingCredit: Instagram / @fortheloveofdogtraining

Dogs big and small can relish their fishy side and wear their mermaid tails with pride. Or, they can just be super comfy during naptime.

albusstumpledoreCredit: Facebook / @albusstumpledore

Maybe dogs with stumpy legs like Corgi will love their new tails because their legs aren’t as useful as a tail.

Your limit is your imagination. Your dog can be whatever cute and fantastical being you want! #MerDogs make it happen.