Yes, Dogs Will Make You Hotter. Science Says So.

Dog owners score big on sexiness and attractiveness

By Patrick Cullen

You and your dog are definitely better together.

A study was recently conducted by Petsies, a company that makes and sells remarkably realistic stuffed versions of your pet. If that sounds like it interests you, check the site out. It’s actually pretty cool. Personally, I’d be nervous that my Frenchie at home would get jealous but I know all dogs are different. Anyways, Petsies surveyed 1,000 Americans to see how men and women perceived the opposite sex according to the type of pet that they owned, be it a puppy, kitten, cat, or a small, medium, or large dog. The attributes in question were attractiveness, sexiness, trustworthiness, and intelligence, among others.

 Credit: Instagram / @parishilton
That’s hot!

Participants were shown pictures of attractive men and women, one of them alone and another of them holding the type of pet being studied. Across the board, people found members of the opposite sex more attractive and more sexy if they owned any kind of pet. The only exception was cats, making women less sexy to men if they owned a cat, but only by a minimal 0.1%. On the flip side, men who owned a puppy were found to be a staggering 23.8% more sexy by women surveyed. For women, the greatest increased in both perceived sexiness and attractiveness was seen when they were pictured with a medium dog at 6.9% and 7.2%, respectively. In the category of trustworthiness, men perceived small dog owning women as 8.9% more trustworthy and women perceived puppy owning men as 14.4% more trustworthy.

Credit: Instagram / @_drewdailydose

In a different section of Petsie’s infographic that displayed the results, both genders’ perception of every positive category was most likely to be increased by some kind of dog. Both genders’ perception of the only negative category, scariness, was most likely to be increased by. Sorry cat owners, but cats or kittens were always the least likely to cause an increase.

Credit: Instagram / @firefighterscalendar
Meow! We think this cat is helping.

As the author covering this study, I should tell you that I’m an expert on some aspects of this matter and I fully endorse these results that if utilized correctly, will help the cause of every single, seeking man and woman out there. I could preface this declaration by saying that this isn’t a brag but it very well may be. I recently graduated from an amazing college. It was a lot of things but there are three characteristics that I need to highlight to show my credibility: My college was on the coast of Florida, it had two times more female students than male students, and it is one of America’s first and most pet-friendly colleges.

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Why does this make me an expert you might ask? Well, I didn’t need a study to tell me that dogs make the opposite sex appear sexier, more attractive. With bikini-clad undergrads everywhere, my dog-loving roommates and I quickly found that a girl with a dog received a boost in how attractive and/or sexy we found her. We also saw the other side of things, as one of my roommates fostered a dog for a month and was so starved for attention after he found that dog a home, that he would beg our dog-owning friends to borrow their dogs just to walk them across campus. Apparently, he didn’t woo the girls on his companionless walks quite like he did when he’d had his dog.

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So guys. Girls. If you’re looking for that special someone but think you need to get a little more sexy, don’t go to the gym because that’s hard work, get a dog! If you want to to come off as more intelligent without faking an eye-test and getting glasses or renewing your long expired library card, get a dog! If you want to seem trustworthy and fun when you cheated on your ex and tell people that Monopoly is your favorite weekend activity, get a dog! Sure, they might be expensive and a huge responsibility, one that requires a somewhat drastic change in lifestyle but hey, if it all goes according to plan, you’ll have someone to help you with that.