18 Pets Who Are Proud to be Canadian

The true North strong and fluffy!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
riley_thecockapoo1Credit: Instagram / @riley_thecockapoo1

Riley is proud to be Canadian!

You may not know it,  but Get Leashed is a Toronto based company. So it’s always good to know who our local pets are! Canada is so large, but our population is so much smaller than our neighbors that when our Canadian pets show up on the explore page, it’s a milestone! These pets are our locals and easy to bump into! If you’re in Toronto or B.C. then you could bump into these pets too!

adventuresofremintinCredit: Instagram / @adventuresofremintin

This little Corgi pup, Remintin, is from B.C.! Look at him enjoy his first snow – dashing through it actually.

bebeo5o7Credit: Instagram / @bebeo5o7

Bebe is almost 10 years old and living in Toronto – 10 years of cheering on Canada! Woohoo!!

henry_theiggyCredit: Instagram / @henrytheiggy

Henry the Iggy lives in Canada’s West is Alberta and gets to enjoy the mountains by Maligne Lake…but he might be more preoccupied chasing critters.

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