18 Pets Who Are Proud to be Canadian

The true North strong and fluffy!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
riley_thecockapoo1Credit: Instagram / @riley_thecockapoo1

Riley is proud to be Canadian!

You may not know it,  but Get Leashed is a Toronto based company. So it’s always good to know who our local pets are! Canada is so large, but our population is so much smaller than our neighbors that when our Canadian pets show up on the explore page, it’s a milestone! These pets are our locals and easy to bump into! If you’re in Toronto or B.C. then you could bump into these pets too!

adventuresofremintinCredit: Instagram / @adventuresofremintin

This little Corgi pup, Remintin, is from B.C.! Look at him enjoy his first snow – dashing through it actually.

bebeo5o7Credit: Instagram / @bebeo5o7

Bebe is almost 10 years old and living in Toronto – 10 years of cheering on Canada! Woohoo!!

henry_theiggyCredit: Instagram / @henrytheiggy

Henry the Iggy lives in Canada’s West is Alberta and gets to enjoy the mountains by Maligne Lake…but he might be more preoccupied chasing critters.

Another Canadian Iggy, who is actually an international supermodel is showing her team spirit here

canpetsiggyjoeyCredit: Instagram / @iggyjoey

This fashionista, Iggy Joey lives in Toronto and knows how to strike a pose.

itsmoosethepugCredit: Instagram / @itsmoosethepug

Little Moose is a Canadian pug through in through and lives in Toronto.

canpetspompomchewyCredit: Instagram / @pompomchewy

This little fame monster, Pom Pom Chewy is also from Toronto, seen here enjoying Sugar Beach.

We of course can’t leave Canadian kitties off this list

josemeowtistaCredit: Instagram / @josemeowtista

Jose Meowtista is the biggest Jays fan ever! Although, baseball games can go on and on and make a little cat sleepy.

lottiethecollieCredit: Instagram / @lottiethecollie

Lottie and her gang chilling by Lake Laurentian. Canada has a lot of great outdoors for a pup to discover. 

mariah_magnoliaCredit: Instagram / @mariah_magonolia

This little Diva, Mariah, lives a very glamorous life in Canada. Here she is looking patriotic with her white and red.

munich_koelnthegsdsCredit: Instagram /@munich_koelnthegsds

The German Shepherd is one of Canada’s most popular dog breeds, These siblings are grateful to be Canadian and live in B.C.

But Canadians love small dogs, too!

orkyehCredit: Instagram / @orkyeh

This tiny fluff loves to travel and leave paw prints all over the world.

orkyeh2Credit: Instagram / @orkyeh

Mochi lives in Mississauga, but loves Toronto.

canpetsremixthedogCredit: Instagram / @remixthedog

Remix is one of the internet’s favorite dogs ever. Although he relocated to Miami, he still comes back to show his love for Toronto! 

smileytheblindtherapydogCredit: Instagram / @smileytheblindtherapydog

Smiley is Stouffville’s citizen of the year! He is a blind therapy dog who has captured hearts internationally. 

Corgis are not just reserved for the Queen herself

sumosocorgiCredit: Instagram / @sumosocorgi

This little Corgi pup lives in Toronto – the proof is in the Roots Canada sweatpants!

thegoldenlifeofpalCredit: Instagram /@thegoldenlifeofpal

Pal is Smiley The Blind Therapy Dog’s new rescue brother. He loves his new home in Canada!

tobyandpeanutCredit: Instagram /@tobyandpeanut

These adorable Shih Tzus live in Markham, just North of Toronto!

tootuff_tukoCredit: Instagram /@tootuff_tuko

Tuko lives right in the heart of downtown Toronto – he even goes to cheer on the Raptors! #WeTheNorth

mollyomalley.sheltiCredit: Instagram / @mollyomalley.shelti

Anyone else hoping to bump into these pets? Follow them on Instagram to see where they go next.