18 Pets Who Are Proud to be Canadian

Another Canadian Iggy, who is actually an international supermodel is showing her team spirit here

canpetsiggyjoeyCredit: Instagram / @iggyjoey

This fashionista, Iggy Joey lives in Toronto and knows how to strike a pose.

itsmoosethepugCredit: Instagram / @itsmoosethepug

Little Moose is a Canadian pug through in through and lives in Toronto.

canpetspompomchewyCredit: Instagram / @pompomchewy

This little fame monster, Pom Pom Chewy is also from Toronto, seen here enjoying Sugar Beach.

We of course can’t leave Canadian kitties off this list

josemeowtistaCredit: Instagram / @josemeowtista

Jose Meowtista is the biggest Jays fan ever! Although, baseball games can go on and on and make a little cat sleepy.

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