Another Reason To Love Big Dogs: They Think They’re Puppies Forever

Your 60+ pound dogs probably believes they’re still 15 pound puppies.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
Lindsey RogersCredit: Facebook / Lindsey Rogers

If you brought your dog home as a puppy, you probably wondered what your doggy would look like full-grown. At the same time, you wished your fur baby would be small and cute forever! As time goes by, you watch your puppy grow a mile a minute. But your puppy’s personality doesn’t grow with it. Puppies think they’re puppies forever no matter how big they are!

Eden BraunsteinCredit: Facebook / Eden Braunstein

This one-year-old woofie thinks he’s still a tiny puppy. He seems to be confused as to why all of him is not in his mommy’s arms.

“Hold me, woman!”

Avery KnoxCredit: Facebook / Avery Knox

Big boy backseat driver is only slightly disappointed that he’s not curled up on his dad’s lap. But, from this view, he can bark at every squirrel on the way.

Byars MikeCredit: Facebook / Byars Mike

It gets hard chasing after your dogs when they have longer legs than you. But when you finally catch up, it’s even harder to pick them up because they’re so big!

The bigger, the better cuddles!

Chelsea CowieCredit: Facebook / Chelsea Cowie

This Caucasian Shepherd puppy is only 11 months old and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down his growth. He looks like the best fluffy cuddler ever!

Janessa JobeCredit: Facebook / Janessa Jobe

To dogs, their human will always be a cushion for them to fall asleep. Even if it looks uncomfortable, it does not matter to them. They will always find a way.

Julia BaganCredit: Facebook / Julia Bagan

This Great Dane baby is five months old and is almost as long as his momma! He’ll keep reaching for the sky while he grows up!

Megan KrautCredit: Facebook / Megan Kraut

This “little” Labradoodle still thinks he’s the little puppy his parents brought home a few months ago. He’s in denial that he gained a few pounds and will try his hardest to lie on his dad.

But we don’t care, we love them like our little babies forever!

Laura Smith StrudwickCredit: Facebook / Laura Smith Strudwick

This baby bear was twelve weeks old and about the size of an actual baby bear. It’s like having a warm teddy bear around! Then when he grows, he will be a giant bear!

Miyuki BerzleyCredit: Facebook / Miyuki Berzley

Little George is 7 months and 80 pounds! That’s a big baby. Soon, his dad won’t be able to carry him around like that!

Sam FriedlCredit: Facebook / Sam Friedl

One year old? This puppy doesn’t believe it. He probably thinks he’s still a month old and can fit comfortably on everyone’s lap.

Terra Lynn CampbellCredit: Facebook / Terra Lynn Campbell

One big wrinkle loaf, coming right up! If you’re up for a cuddle with a wrinkly, snoring dog then this big doggo is just for you.

Do any of your dogs think they’re still tiny?