This Rad Puli Will Make You Want To Explore Toronto

He finds the best street art to pose in front of for the ‘gram.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
mynameismumford5Credit: Instagram /  @mynameismumford

There’s more to Toronto than our CN Tower, aquarium, and Nathan Philips Square. Yes, those might be the highlights and those locations know it. So, if you want to save some money, but still want to explore Toronto, there’s lots to see.

A lot of people have different opinions on graffiti and street art. For one person, they could all be synonymous, but to another, one is “good” and the other is “bad”. Graffiti could be seen as disrespectful vandalism on people’s private property or it could be seen as the creative expression of local artists. Either way, sometimes it’s a pretty cool background for your dog’s next Instagram shot.

mynameismumfordCredit: Instagram /  @mynameismumford

This here is not an outdoor mop – it’s Mumford the Puli. Toronto local, Mumford loves to be out and about to see everything he can (behind all that fur) that makes Toronto unique and worth the visit. He also loves laying in fields and eating peanut butter sandwiches.

mynameismumford2Credit: Instagram /  @mynameismumford

There are no pieces of street art unseen by our furry friend. You might not be able to see his eyes through all his fur, but he can spot sweet street art from a mile away.

mynameismumford3Credit: Instagram /  @mynameismumford

Wherever Mumford goes, he sniffs out the best wall art and poses adorably in front of it. He just looks so proud to be there.

Parks and other non-street art spots sprinkle his adventures too.

mynameismumford6Credit: Instagram /  @mynameismumford

He loves the park, all things Canada, and even strange Canadian weather. From the frigid winter months for half the year, 1 week of fall and spring, to the blazing hot summer, Mumford doesn’t mind!

mynameismumford7Credit: Instagram /  @mynameismumford

And like everyone else in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), he looks forward to the Canadian National Exhibition at the end of each summer. Food trucks, shows, petting zoos, and rides all in one place – woohoo!

mynameismumford8Credit: Instagram /  @mynameismumford

With all that walking, this poofy dog needs some breaks. Mumford even finds the best places to do that too. Everyone deserves to sit on a chair that’s way too big for them at least once in their life!

mynameismumford9Credit: Instagram /  @mynameismumford

“Mum! If you’re going to leave me tied to this, I’d best be getting a Puppaccino or an extra treat!”

Mumford doesn’t like to be at a standstill. He always needs to be on the move.

Mumford finds pretty cool things on his Toronto treks.

mynameismumford10Credit: Instagram /  @mynameismumford

“I found this toaster on our walk, but it has NO toaster strudel with it. What’s the point??”

Sometimes life just disappoints us like that, Mumford!

mynameismumford13Credit: Instagram /  @mynameismumford

Some street art just speaks to him, you see. He has long beautiful fur and the street art notices! Long fur, no care! Art imitating life.

mynameismumford14Credit: Instagram /  @mynameismumford

Mumford’s smile shines bright like a diamond. His Toronto Blue Jays spirit shines through too!

mynameismumford15Credit: Instagram /  @mynameismumford

This street / garage door art is giving a pretty nice vibe for Mumford. It feels both rebellious and meaningful to the difficulty in defining street art’s purpose.

There’s always something new when he explores!

mynameismumford11Credit: Instagram /  @mynameismumford

Sometimes black and white makes a major impact. And ironically, Mumford only sees black and white, so most of the art looks like this one to him anyway!

mynameismumford4Credit: Instagram /  @mynameismumford

But, his parents give him his man bun for the ultimate experience in appreciating street art as a downtown hipster. For some, this art might be a little disturbing, but Mumford likes it!

mynameismumford16Credit: Instagram /  @mynameismumford

There’s also a lot of consideration when making visits to the barber or the groomer. Who could part with beautiful fur like Mumford’s?

mynameismumford12Credit: Instagram /  @mynameismumford

You gotta shake all the inspiration in the alleys you find these art pieces in. Or shake off all the appreciation the art gives you representing desecration in a positive way.

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