5 Cool Kickstarters For Pet Owners

You’re going to want to check out these gamechangers

By: Catalina Barrios


I dream, I dream a lot. As Walt Disney famously said, “If you can dream it, you can do it”. Some of us dream on starting a business or creating an innovative product but may face the challenge of not having enough money to start your adventure.

Kickstarter, a pioneer of the crowdfunding platform, has helped people raise over $1.6 billion USD and fund over 80,000 projects. I can easily spend tons of time on the Kickstarter website viewing the different projects people hope to turn from a dream to reality.

On my recent journey through Kickstarter, I found some great inventions for pet owners. It is incredible how creative the projects can be.

1. Smart Dog Tracker

jagger&lewisCredit: Kickstarter / Jagger & Lewis 

With this innovative device you will be able to know how your dog is when you are not with him. It is like having a video camera following him everywhere. This dog tracker can be easily adapted to any dog collar.

This device is amazing, it will enhance your furry friend’s health as well as reduce stress and ensure sleep. It will alert you when to take your dog to the veterinarian. All you need to do is pair the tracker with your device an iPhone or Android.

jagger&lewis2Credit: Kickstarter / Jagger & Lewis 

Cost: A minimum pledge of $119. Through the Kickstarter platform, the creators Jagger & Lewis raised over $56,000 to take their project from a dream to a reality.

2. Catspad

catspadCredit: NOOVA

This is another great and creative project that was released this year. Definitely, imagination has no limits and if you work hard for your dreams you will see it pays off. This is the case for Julie Leleu from France who wanted to create a smart bluetooth cat food dispenser.

Worried your cat eats too much? This invention is your perfect solution.

You can store one month of cat food in this dispenser where you feed your cat the right amount of food and water they need each day. It has a pump with a filter that eliminates tastes and odors, things that may bother your cat.

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