A Girl and Her Two Dogs Will Make You Want To Explore The Pacific Northwest

It’s all about balancing working hard with adventuring hard for this girl

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
doublebergamotCredit: @doublebergamot

All this adventuring needs to be balanced with a lot of cuddles and rest.

When she’s not practicing for WMMA or doing yoga, or eating, Instagram user @doublebergamot is going on mountainous adventures in the PNW. This tough chickie seems know just how to get everything done. She knows how to fight, she bakes, she parties, she stretches, and she hikes – with her dogs! Biggsy, Red (who sadly passed away in March), and most recently, Scout, keep up with her active lifestyle and even join her on the ones they can – mostly the hikes, napping, and eating.

 Credit: @doublebergamot

The pups aren’t afraid of a little altitude for views like this one. It’s actually called Dog Mountain!

doublebergamot2Credit: @doublebergamot

Warm hugs to fight off the cold from being out in the wilderness!

doublebergamot3Credit: @doublebergamot

Red and Biggsy get the responsibility of sniffing every inch of outside they are permitted.

Let’s meet the dogs, shall we!

doublebergamot4Credit: @doublebergamot

Meet Biggsy, an adopted English Mastiff known for his size and drools.

doublebergamot5Credit: @doublebergamot

And this is Red, a coonhound rescue who was fighting a lymphoma diagnosis for over eleven months before sadly passing in March. What an amazing life he was given as a second chance.

doublebergamot6Credit: @doublebergamot

No matter the conditions, the dogs brave the elements in the spirit of adventure.

Credit: @doublebergamot

This is Scout and her first time in a tent! She’s adapted well to the outdoor life with her new family. Her rescue was meant to be.

Here’s to adventure and living life to the fullest! Follow this gang @doublebergamot