These 4th Of July Doggos Will Make You Feel Proud

It’s that time of the year to show off your paw-triotism!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
stefanieshankCredit: Giphy / Stefanie Shank

First, things first, Happy Independence Day to our American neighbors! You guys are celebrating your 241st year of being the great United States of America. That’s almost 100 years older than us, Canadians. But as our friendliness goes, we just waited for our independence rather than fighting for it. But, either way, it’s a good day for you Americans!

Sarah ElsnerCredit: Facebook / Sarah Elsner

We hope you’re celebrating all day covered in red, white and blue! But we really hope that you’ve decked your dogs out too for the celebrations!

shelbygirlsutphinCredit: Instagram / @shelbygirlsutphin

It’s not a party or a celebration if you can’t bring your dog, am I right? Your dog will be ready in a lawn chair awaiting all the barbeque treats!

Patty RivasCredit: Facebook / Patty Rivas

Plus, they come photo ready with all the cute American flag bandanas. I mean, your dog probably thinks it’s a bib, but either way, dogs are excited!

They’ll be the cutest ones at the party that will use their furry faces to distract you from all the food stealing!

Baylie BagbyCredit: Facebook / Baylie Bagby

It’s so much easier when they’re so low to the ground like these little Corgis. You’ll bend down to pet them and one will jump to lick your face while the other one steals your burger!

dmetteCredit: Instagram / @dmette

As you decorate your house, you’ll be tempted to use some of the house decorations on your dog. Good thing, your dog is probably a good sport and will let you! Decorations are much cuter on your dog.

greenvalleyaussiesCredit: Instagram / @greenvalleyaussies

The more, the merrier! This rule goes for: people at the party, drinks at the party, food at the party, and dogs at the party! Everything else may just fade into the background because there are so many dogs.

ruxpin.doodleCredit: Instagram / @ruxpin.doodle

Whether you’re at the cottage or at a bar, everyone will be in a good mood. And you get to look forward to the fireworks! Make sure to prepare your dog for the loud sounds. This will mean lots of reassurance and cuddles!

Don’t forget why you’re celebrating!

instaollygramCredit: Instagram / @instaollygram

The one thing that Americans can agree on is that they’re proud to be American and live in the land of the free. There’s still a lot of growing to do for a 241 year old country.

Michelle Keller-Eiler‎Credit: Facebook / Michelle Keller-Eiler‎

As long as you’re improving, the growing pains will be worth it! But, that’s a worry for another non-Independence Day day. Just enjoy and appreciate your fellow Americans – fur and human!

Haley ColeCredit: Facebook / Haley Cole

Because it’s all about being the UNITED States – it’s one day to remember that you’re all in this together. Freedom of speech and autonomy are of the highest value in America. And don’t you forget that!

myrtledogCredit: Instagram / @myrtledog

Happy Fourth, Americans! Hope you are proud of where you are. And we hope that your dogs are having a blast!

Can we see some of your patriotic dogs?