12 Yawning Dogs Of The Internet To Get You Through

Why? No one’s more tired than these guys

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
Chloe Waters‎Credit: Facebook / Chloe Waters‎

It’s hump day. We’re so close to the weekend, yet so far. Plus, it’s the long weekend for some of us in Canada and America, so it shouldn’t be THAT bad. But, we can’t stop yawning. We had that morning coffee, maybe even two, and we’re just staring at what we’re supposed to be doing. We’re trying to will it to be done on its own so we can go home. Alas, that’s not how the world works.

Rebecca McAuleyCredit: Facebook / Rebecca McAuley

So to add to your misery, but also to your happiness, we found some adorable pictures of dogs yawning. That’s what the Internet is for right – Cute things to pass the time while we’re supposed to be productive. In your face, Taylorism!

Jescei JayeCredit: Facebook / Jescei Jaye

But why are our fluffy friends even so tired? What do they do??? They get up at early hours of the morning, bark at something, and wait for something to eat to start the day.

Sarah McMillianCredit: Facebook / Sarah McMillian

Then after their morning business, they come back in and then what? Find the comfiest spot in whatever room you’re in and take a well-deserved nap???

Honestly, it’s like we bore them to death.

Amanda Huddleston GottenCredit: Facebook / Amanda Huddleston Gotten

And they yawn with such gusto. It’s as if they have the whole darn world on their furry shoulders. Maybe they live a secret life and save the world when we’re at work.

Amanda JeanCredit: Facebook / Amanda Jean

Maybe it’s because they’re just so excited about life and about you. It’s exhausting being such happy beings, you know! Sometimes a yawn slips in here and there, but they’re always ready to play!

Carolann DaltonCredit: Facebook / Carolann Dalton

Gong on long walkies can be exhausting too. In between sniffing every brick wall and lamppost, you have to take a break and yawn.

Catriona ZambraCredit: Facebook / Catriona Zambra

The worst yawn inducer is when your human insists on taking so many photos of you. You sit still and look pretty, but humans still need to take a million photos! It’s time to move on!

What we can’t deny is that it’s an amazing photo op.

Melanie AuCredit: Facebook / Melanie Au

They just look so darn cute and it’s the perfect moment when you finally get the picture. Then you can just share it with anyone you want to on the Internet.

Katie LeClercCredit: Facebook / Katie LeClerc

That’s what your dog is for, right? They’re with you to look cute. Their photos outshine yours when you’re just not feeling for that Snapchat.

Orianna Maupin-AhernCredit: Facebook / Orianna Maupin-Ahern

Plus, you can show the Internet what a great human you are. You tire out your doggy in all the good ways, like going on a walk and playing catch!

Tess SmichenkoCredit: Facebook / Tess Smichenko

Sometimes, their yawns aren’t so cute. But good thing it’s also acceptable to put cute-ugly photos of your dogs too.

How many times did you yawn while reading this?