Canada’s Preparing Dogs For The Fight Against Fentanyl

K9 Units from all over North America are eager to learn how to detect fentanyl safely.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
NPA 署長室Credit: Facebook / NPA 署長室

Dogs are amazing companions, but they’re not just good for their looks and friendliness! Dogs have been alongside humans since our ancestors met and made relationships to survive. Over the years, dogs have helped us hunt, herd, and travel. They have become our partners in crime (both literally and figuratively) and have become beloved family.

NPA 署長室2Credit: Facebook / NPA 署長室

Dogs of course participate in our armed forces, are with our fire fighters and with our police forces. They save lives every day, whether it’s from an avalanche, in burning buildings, or fighting deadly drugs.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police in OntarioCredit: Facebook / Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Ontario

In Alberta, Canada, a Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) dog-training center offers a workshop that trains dogs to sniff out fentanyl, an extremely dangerous drug that has permeated coast to coast. This workshop is the first of its kind, which led to the eagerness of police forces to come and learn.

CPPD K-9 KiahCredit: Facebook / CPPD K-9 Kiah

Since the opioid fentanyl is deadly when inhaled, there was no safe way to detect it. The RCMP created a diluted liquid form of the drug for safe detection.

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