8 Times Doggos Thought Humans Were Seats

Clinginess is an understatement for these pups.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee

Erica Page

Credit: Facebook / Erica Page

Before any of us got a dog, we were so excited at the prospect of having an adorable fuzzy friend that will follow us wherever we go. When it’s sleep time, you’ll have a pet snuggle with you all night. When we’re sitting on the couch, your dog is curled up next to you. When we’re trying to work, your dog is staring at you beseechingly hoping for some pets and head scratching.

Kathy Wilson

Credit: Facebook / Kathy Wilson

What we couldn’t foresee is that this adorable clinginess can turn into daily personal bubble invasion. We love our dogs – there’s no doubt about that – but when they grow to be 50-pound bird like creatures, it’s a little testy.

Ariel Hensley

Credit: Facebook / Ariel Hensley

We’ve already learned that our dogs still think their tiny puppies forever. But when their body mass exceeds your lap and sometimes your whole torso, you’d think they’d get that they don’t fit.

Sara O'Neill

Credit: Facebook / Sara O’Neill

But no, they will perch anywhere they please. And when you have a tiny dog, they will take advantage of you if you have a perch-like area on your body (ahem, boobs). They will see it as their throne and sit as they please!

Sometimes it’s endearing, but it can be cumbersome when you’re trying to get things done!

Rachel McCarthy

Credit: Facebook / Rachel McCarthy

When your tiny dog takes both your shoulder and your chest as his throne, it’s cute for the first minute, but when you’re trying to change the channel, you find out it’s impossible.

Monkie Talley

Credit: Facebook / Monkie Talley

Sometimes our dogs are considerate and lie where they don’t disturb your sight or arm use and it works for the both of you!

HooliAnna Shananigator2
Credit: Facebook / HooliAnna Shananigator

But if your tiny dog has been doing it since she came home with you, then it might be hard to break the habit. You think it’s sweet, and she thinks it’s comfy.

HooliAnna Shananigator

Credit: Facebook / HooliAnna Shananigator

As time goes on, she grows and you may not grow as fast as her. Too bad though, because she’s going to lie down in her fave spot as long as she can!

Do your doggos perch on your body parts? We’d love to see!