These Fur Babies And Their Siblings Will Make You Want Another Pet!

After these photos you’ll want an even bigger fur-family!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
Melissa CarringtonCredit: Facebook / Melissa Carrington

How many of us humans are a part of big families? I certainly am! And I can tell you from personal experience that if you grew up with more than three siblings, life is very different from that of the standard pair of kids in the house. All the hustle and bustle and coming and going can sure make for some funny dynamics. Like when it was time for family portraits at our house, it was always a game of which sibling looked most like our parents. And if you were unlucky (or lucky) enough to be the black sheep, you probably were the butt of jokes about being secretly adopted! Le sigh.

Similarly, in the animal world, some siblings look exactly alike while others look barely related. That’s why I thought it would be cute to pull together this fun roundup of fur baby family portraits that are sure to make you smile — and maybe even motivate you to pick up your phone and tell your own siblings just how much you love them.

Coco ThorpeCredit: Facebook / Coco Thorpe

Gone are the days where we think dogs and cats can’t co-exist. We happen to know lots of fur families that have at least one of each. They’re partners in crime and will often even choose each other over you, as a cuddle buddy!

Michelle O'Malley‎Credit: Facebook / Michelle O’Malley‎

No matter what you’re doing, if all things are quiet at home it can only mean one of two things: your pets are up to no good or they’re figuring out a way to comfortably relax in a corner. The latter is always the hope, though.

Angel Dela CruzCredit: Facebook / Angel Dela Cruz

If you’re in love with a specific breed, sometimes you can’t just have one. You need an entire entourage! And a whole entourage is exactly what some people have.

Getting more pets is always the best choice, am I right?

Siobhan FitzgibbonCredit: Facebook / Siobhan Fitzgibbon

Dogs. Ferrets. It really doesn’t matter what kind of fur baby makes you happy, sometimes you need more! After all, the more the merrier, the more the cuddlier — right?!

Deb Scott
Credit: Facebook / Deb Scott

When you have at least three woofies, you can have photo shoots that can be the future cover shot for the mixed tape that they’re about to drop. Now, what band would you say that this pic reminds you of? Hmm… teehee.

Emily FrankCredit: Facebook / Emily Frank

Ever notice that with pets around, whenever you eat, you get your own audience. The whole experience is far more physical than starting a live video on social media. You have so much more freedom to pet your audience and even share your meal!

Alaina WilliamsCredit: Facebook / Alaina Williams

When it’s the puppers’ dinnertime, they’ll follow you around like you’re the brightest star. If you thought you could resist those big ol’ puppy eyes, you thought wrong. This is the point where I usually breakdown into baby talk. #ClaimYourShameYo

Who needs other people when you have your own fur crew at home?

Emma TaylorCredit: Facebook / Emma Taylor

When people drool as much as these Newfs, it’s definitely not as cute. Plus, when you try to hug them and pat them, humans aren’t always so receptive. #DogsRule #HumansDrool Ha!

Melanie TerryCredit: Facebook / Melanie Terry

The more fluff around, the better! You can just reach out to whatever fur baby passes you and pull them in for a cuddle them. Also, is it just me or do these two actually look a bit alike?

Lissie BakerCredit: Facebook / Lissie Baker

Who doesn’t love a mini-me?! I know I do. If you stagger getting your puppers or other fur babies, it’s like turning back a time a machine and going back in time to when you first fell in love with your little nugget.

Vanessa McDanielCredit: Facebook / Vanessa McDaniel

Prowlers, burglars and squirrels, BEWARE! The neighborhood watch is stacked in this house.

If you’re thinking of adding a pet to your household, consider adopting from TEAM Dog Rescue.