You’ll Definitely Fall In Love With Bear The Baby Bernese

He’s just so precious you probably can’t even!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
bearmorattiCredit: Instagram / @bearmoratti

We’ve caught puppy fever this summer and can’t stop finding all these adorable little nuggets for you guys to follow on social media. One of the cuties we came across is this adorable Bernese Mountain puppy who is super silly and super adorable. His name? BEAR! Yep, that’s right, this cuddly fur baby is named Bear and he’ll make you either want to go adopt a Bernese of your own, or even try to snatch him up for yourself. We don’t recommend the stealing!!

bearmoratti2Credit: Instagram / @bearmoratti

Like all dog moms, Bear’s mommy can’t stop taking photos and videos of her precious baby. We’re not complaining, the more updates on Bear’s Instagram, the happier we are! More puppy videos never hurt anyone!

bearmoratti3Credit: Instagram / @bearmoratti

It’s not just Bear who’s cute. He and his paw-rents are adorable all together. Every photo they snap together is better than the next.

bearmoratti12Credit: Instagram / @bearmoratti

The one time he was less than excited is when his momma put him in his doggy pool.

Judging by the look on his face, he is not a huge fan the water at all. Get him out of there!

We understand that you probably don’t want to click away to his Instagram (just yet) so we definitely have more of our favorite snaps to share!

bearmoratti4Credit: Instagram / @bearmoratti

This is Bear and his older brother sleeping on the bed! Bear isn’t supposed to be on his bed and by the look of his face – he is living for it! Isn’t he just so cute?

bearmoratti11Credit: Instagram / @bearmoratti

It’s exhausting being this adorable. When Bear has the time and can’t fight the sleep anymore, he takes a quick but much needed nap, on those big ol’ floofly paws.

bearmoratti5Credit: Instagram / @bearmoratti

In 5 weeks, Bear went from a little blep, to a bigger boof! He definitely seems happy with his rapid growth and new life with his paw-rents!

bearmoratti6Credit: Instagram / @bearmoratti

Because any time in his paw-rents arms is the best time. When they hold him he’s able to sniff the top of their heads and lick their faces so much easier!

Have you fallen in love yet? There’s definitely more photos to convince you!

bearmoratti7Credit: Instagram / @bearmoratti

You’re not seeing double! That’s right, these are two Bernese puppies ready to play! Don’t you wish that you could be in the park with them and have them cover you with big, wet kisses? I do!!!

bearmoratti8Credit: Instagram / @bearmoratti

Just imagine playing with this not-so-tiny puppy and tickling his tummy! A person can only dream.

bearmoratti9Credit: Instagram / @bearmoratti

Whenever his owners hold Bear he makes this silly, happy face and it just steals your heart. Don’t think you’ll be able to get it back either. He has it forever!

bearmoratti10Credit: Instagram / @bearmoratti

Since writing this piece, one of Bear’s new favorite things to do is to feel things (and by things we mean faces) with his paws. He just looks so proud of himself. We’re proud of him too!

For more photos, follow him on Instagram @bearmoratti!