Dad Proves Dogs And Babies Work!

There’s no need to choose between your fur and your human baby. They can definitely co-exist!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
Credit: Instagram / @cookie_cute

Often when prospective pet owners think about getting their first fur baby, they think that one little ball of fluff will be more than enough. But once they experience the joy of allowing that first four-legged bundle of happiness in to their home, they can begin to think that having two would be even better than one. I mean, after just 20 mins of scrolling through insta-puppy snaps online, I’m basically a pile of mush. So, of course I want another one!!! Who wouldn’t!?! And that, my good friends, is how you end up with two beautiful fur babies like this charming golden retriever pair.

cookie_cute2Credit: Instagram / @cookie_cute

Now, as some of us get older and start thinking about starting a human family, we wonder if our fur babies will get along with the new baby! Some people think it might be a hazard to bring babies and dogs together, whereas others can’t wait to expand their homes to include both fur and fur-less little ones in their family mix.

cookie_cute3Credit: Instagram / @cookie_cute

In Cookie’s clan — which consists of Daddy, Mommy and their affectionately named dogters, Cookie, Biscuit, and now baby Jamie — they’ve managed to prove that pups and babes are actually the perfect mix their own unique recipe of family happiness!

cookie_cute4Credit: Instagram / @cookie_cute

As soon as baby Jamie arrived home from the hospital it was clear that it was true love for Cookie. Naturally, Mommy and Daddy decided to document all the cuteness in photos featuring themed costumes. Can the real Woody please stand up?

The girls’ dad uses Instagram as a platform to show that the dogs and babies are go together as easily as sushi and soy sauce.

cookie_cute5Credit: Instagram / @cookie_cute

As we all know, when we post our personal photos on the Internet for the public, we will always get some kind of criticism as our audience grows. So, Daddy Cookie likes to show how comfortable the dogs are around the baby. And yes, I will have the miso soup with my bento, please!

cookie_cute6Credit: Instagram / @cookie_cute

As the baby naps, the girls nap with her. Biscuit, unlike Cookie, took some time to get used to Jamie since she’s the younger pup. So the parents made sure they warmed up to each other under their supervision.

cookie_cute7Credit: Instagram / @cookie_cute

Cookie, being a good older sister, recognizes that Jamie is a baby and is very careful around her. She waits patiently and allows Daddy to capture the prefect shot of them both. Now, who’s up for that Safari that we talked about???

Credit: Instagram / @cookie_cute

For her one month, Jamie spent the day with Cookie taking a long much needed nap. Cookie happily obliged. After all, everyone needs a disco nap before they get their party started.

With so many girls, Daddy certainly has his hands full!

cookie_cute9Credit: Instagram / @cookie_cute

While he feeds his baby girl, his fur babies are right by his side. Dogs can read a situation and know that feeding time is relaxing time.

cookie_cute10Credit: Instagram / @cookie_cute

Babies and puppies are essentially the same thing (not totally, but similar!) and they need lots of quiet time. The dogs are fine with that as long as they are included in cuddles and allowed as much time as possible with their family!

cookie_cute11Credit: Instagram / @cookie_cute

While baby Jamie isn’t super mobile as of yet, the goldens seem to understand that they’ll be living the chill life until she learns how to stand! And once, she walks … well … they know that means PLAYTIME!

cookie_cute12Credit: Instagram / @cookie_cute

For now, Jamie is loving the life she’s living with her two golden sisters. They’re warm and fuzzy are so comfy to sleep on! Baby Jamie might be new to the world but she already knows the perks of having dogs in the family.

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