Doggy Ear Appreciation Post!

A long, but not exhaustive list of all sorts of doggy ears

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
sumosocorgiCredit: Instagram / @sumosocorgi

And then Little Red Riding Hood said, “Oh my, Grandma, what big ears you have!” And we all know the ending of that story – after a long period of time, Red Riding Hood finally figured out that her grandma was the Big Bad Wolf. Instead of covering her in kisses like your doggy would, the wolf ate her.

So without further ado, let us present our roundup of the cutest doggy ears on the internet. We promise it will end better that Red Ridinghood’s story.

Aislinn CarsonCredit: Facebook / Aislinn Carson

Doggy ears, they come in all shapes and sizes. We particularly like this Tripod Dog’s pointy pair that seem to be trying everything to reach the sky. His ears are good for listening for food preparation so he can sneak some treats into his equally big mouth!

Ana CarvalhoCredit: Facebook / Ana Carvalho

There’s the one up and one down ear combo that usually mean your doggy wants something. This doggy is by his mommy’s side while she’s on the toilet because he wants to sit on her lap.”Common Mum, lemme up there!”

Brenna Partain‎Credit: Facebook / Brenna Partain‎

Is your dog a part of the big eared gang, or the tiny eared gang, or is he a member of the fluffy eared gang or all of the above? This party of three have ears that are perked up and waiting to hear the word “cookie!”

They come in perky.

milo.frenchiebuttCredit: Instagram / @milo.frenchiebutt

French Bulldogs are known for their bat-like ears. It makes them look so funny and cute. Their ears stand out from the rest of the wrinkly and round body!

Brittany GreeneCredit: Facebook / Brittany Greene

Turtle here, is another pointy-eared, toilet lurker. He needs to be around his mommy at all times to be able to hear what she has to say to him.

Jessica Sapwell
Credit: Facebook / Jessica Sapwell

This wiry looking gremlin has pointy ears that stick straight out from her head. She looks like the Yeti’s mini-me.

Claudia SchneiderCredit: Facebook / Claudia Schneider

This Frenchie has a look of slight concern and his ears don’t seem to know where to turn. Does he want to go for a walk or lie down for a nap? His ears are tucked back and open to options. Now, how ’bout that walk?

They come in all shapes and sizes!

zeus.gshepherd:cooper_theGSDCredit Instagram / @zeus.gshepherd & @cooper_theGSD

Some doggies, like German Shepherds evolve like Pokemon! They start out floppy when their puppies, start perking up as they mature, and then bloom like a flower! How cute!

Lucy ChibukhchyanCredit: Facebook / Lucy Chibukhchyan

This large eared but tiny doggy has ear fluff for days. Sometimes deciding between an up-do and free flowing fur is difficult, so it’s a one up and one down day for this saucy pupper.

Rhianna LaVallaCredit: Facebook / Rhianna LaValla

This shaggy doggo’s ears are hard to distinguish amongst all the curls! He’s pretty lucky that his own ears are attached to his head because he’s already eaten the bunny ear on that headband.

tango_munchpitbullCredit: Instagram / @tango_munchpitbull

Poukie and Tango show off their distinct ear styles. Poukie’s ears are perky to listen for squirrels or other small animals. Tango’s ears are pushed back in relief that they’re finally taking a break from chasing critters.

Floppy is our favorite at Get Leashed!

Matthew Caruso‎Credit: Facebook / Matthew Caruso‎

This Basset Hound puppy is getting used to the long ears she was born with. She frequently trips over them as she tries to explore! #TooMuchCuteToHandle

cavaliersophieCredit: Instagram / @cavaliersophie

Poor Sophie the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel doesn’t like bath time because it makes her ears extra droopy and heavy. It’s hard being this tiny and having such big ears!

threecheekybeaglesCredit: Instagram / @threecheekybeagles

These naughty Beagles have pulled their floppy ears back in attempt to melt their mommy’s heart after they  made a mess of mass destruction – we think it’s working.

deanthebassetCredit: Instagram / @deanthebasset

It’s exhausting having such long ears. Dean the Basset Hound is soooo over it and flopped his entire body down for a solid rest after carry those long lobes around. Good thing his ears can block out the sunshine! Who needs an eyemask??? Not Dean.

What kind of ears does your doggy have? Share your favorite snaps on our insta @GetLeashed