Pets Show Their Sassy Side With Bow & Drape

Our New Fav Customizable Statement Makers

By The Get Leashed Goods Team

You see it in their eyes. Your pet’s face is so expressive, the Instagram captions write themselves. If only they could talk in a language we could understand. Until barks can be wholly translated, we’ll have to speak for them. We recently discovered Bow & Drape, a brand that believes in statement making, self expression, and adding a little sparkle to everyday life. When we saw their pet items, we just had to share! These tees, sweatshirts, dog shirts, and more, are made in the USA and can be completely customized with your own favorite saying and patches (hello emoji shirt of your dreams). You can even order a twinning set for you and your pooch if you’re that kind of pet parent – no judgement. Browse our favorite designs below or head on over to the Bow & Drape online store and start creating.