This Mini Chow Chow Will Steal Your Heart!

 This mashed potato look-a-like is five months old and definitely AW-worthy.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
puffie_the_chow6Credit: Instagram / @puffie_the_chow

Little Puffie, the Mini Chow Chow is absolutely adorable and is already all over the Internet with his fluffy head, round body, and stubby little feet. He’s been featured on 9gag, DailyMail and even a news channel in Taiwan. All because he’s just so cute. This precious pup literally makes everyone he meets fall in love! And if the above photo wasn’t enough to make you fall for this chubby ball of fur, the rest just might.

puffie_the_chow5Credit: Instagram / @puffie_the_chow

When you can’t be bothered to turn your whole body towards the person calling you, so you make do by using your human’s arm as a pillow for maximum comfort. “Okay, I’m ready for that photo now!”

puffie_the_chow4Credit: Instagram / @puffie_the_chow

Puffie is excellent with hiding his little squishy body. Sometimes when he’s had enough ooh-ing and ahh-ing, he likes to squish himself in the corner for some peace and quiet.

puffie_the_chow3Credit: Instagram / @puffie_the_chow

Could you imagine seeing these little paws struggling to get over a hurdle in your home? You just want to poke at his tuft tail and cradle his itty-bitty toes!

Fallen in love yet? No? Good. We have more photos.

puffie_the_chow2Credit: Instagram / @puffie_the_chow

Puffie is a tiny Chow Chow who sports one big appetite.

“Mommy, can I have more food in my bowl? Pleaaase?”

Who could resist that face?

puffie_the_chowCredit: Instagram / @puffie_the_chow

Puffie doesn’t even have to be doing anything for us to melt. Just another photo of his fuzzy head peeping over a cardboard box is enough.

puffie_the_chow7Credit: Instagram / @puffie_the_chow

Puffie looks like a live stuffed animal and loves you as much as you love him. He looks like a roasted marshmallow ready for all your cuddles. We bet he can get away with almost anything!

puffie_the_chow8Credit: Instagram / @puffie_the_chow

It’s only been a month on Instagram and this cutie already has over 123K followers! Quite impressive for a baby, but we totally understand why!

If you love Puffie as much as we do, follow him on Instagram @puffie_the_chow.