Dog Who Lost Litter In Barn Fire Gets A Second Chance

After a heartbreaking loss, Daisy got to foster an orphaned litter.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Facebook / Daisy Woodruff 

On February 20, there was a devastating barn fire in Roseburg, Oregon. Jessica Woodruff, Daisy’s mom, suspected a heating lamp warming Daisy the Border Collie / Great Pyrenees’ litter of seven puppies started the fire. Everyone ran to the barn to try and save the puppies, but it was too late. The fire tragically took all the puppies as well as four goats and a pig. Daisy was devastated after losing her 3-week-old puppies.

“She came running from another barn that we have,” Woodruff said. “My husband and his two friends had to hold her back.”

And after the fire burnt out, Daisy walked herself to the barn, sat by the door, and whined. She refused to eat and Woodruff knew she needed to do something for her. She went to Facebook to see if there were any litters that needed nursing.


Credit: Facebook / Daisy Woodruff 

And that’s when Lona Murphy contacted Jessica. Her dog Chloe died after giving birth to her 8 puppies.

Murphy was exhausted feeding all the puppies every two hours. And that’s when Daisy got her second chance!


Credit: Facebook / Daisy Woodruff 

You can almost see her smile while nursing her Border Collie / Australian Shepherd puppies! Doesn’t it warm your heart seeing such good fall upon Daisy and her foster puppies?


Credit: Facebook / Daisy Woodruff 

Daisy got to fulfil her purpose as a nursing mother with her new puppies and will continue to nurse them until they go to their new homes in March.

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