Looking for a Hot Guy and His Dog? Look No Further.

Don’t worry, we got you in the hot guy and dog category #thirstfollow.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
strazlanCredit: Instagram / @strazlan

If you need another tie-over from our fire fighters piece, do we have the pair for you. Azlan the Doberman and his human live in sunny Australia in the land of optional shirts and dreamy accents. Azlan has been with his human for almost four years and the pair has the best relationship ever. This human is single because he’s in a relationship with his Doberman. And he’s an avid supporter of multiple animal rescues! Swoon ?. And every photo together with Azlan is just adorable.

strazlan2Credit: Instagram / @strazlan

“Azlan, are you kicking me?” ?

“No, are you kicking me?”

The only logical answer: a pool monster. ?

strazlan3Credit: Instagram / @strazlan

Sunday naps are best spent with your buddy. #MansBestFriend. Anyone else want to snuggle in between them?

strazlan4Credit: Instagram / @strazlan

As mentioned, his human and he support and model brands like Arm the Animals, which sells clothing to support multiple rescues!

Because having a dog is a great way to prepare for being a dad one day.

strazlan5Credit: Instagram / @strazlan

Essentially, their relationship is best friend, but borderline father and son. Either way you can see all the love human has for his Doberman.

They even Snapchat together and it’s amazing.

strazlan6Credit: @strazlan

Azlan even lets his human be the little spoon! I spy room for another spoon in the middle!

strazlan7Credit: Instagram / @strazlan

They often take silly faced photos together. Need a container for my heart because it is melting.

Yup, this guy is a real hands-on dog dad

strazlan8Credit: Instagram / @strazlan

In sunny and warm Australia, you may just need an emergency bath to beat the heat. And these boys found one at the K9000 Dog Wash. Talk about intention.

Even in the winter, they set up waterslides together. Best playtime ever!

strazlan9Credit: Instagram / @strazlan

But of course, Australia doesn’t lack beaches. #Good #StayThisWay. All in favour to join in on this game of catch?

strazlan10Credit: Instagram / @strazlan

Besides the fun, the love they share just might make you jealous. It’s all hugs and cuddles from here!

Is there a relationship that brings you more joy than the one with your dog?

strazlan11Credit: Instagram / @strazlan

Waking up from a nap just to kiss bae on the face like ?. Ugh, so cute, it’s the best part of naps with a loved one.

strazlan12Credit: Instagram / @strazlan

And it’s time for Azlan to be the little spoon. Strong arms are the best arms to snuggled in.

strazlan13Credit: Instagram / @strazlan

And the way they model together makes them look professionally attractive. Imagine being attractive in more ways than one!

strazlan14Credit: Instagram / @strazlan

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