This British Short Haired Kitty Duo Will Make You Feel Less Nosey

These kitties are the opposite of chill – everything needs their attention!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
Credit: Instagram / @zoeandcurry


In this rare photo before their morning coffee, you can already see their eyes twitching for some caffeine! “It’s time to get out of bed, mom! We’re burning daylight!

The stereotypical cat skulks into the room where everyone else is in the middle of the day to either: find food, do business, or lay where the sun moved. And the rest of the time, it’s all about lounging where they can’t be disturbed. But not for Zoe and Curry, they’re up and about with their mum in Pasadena, California and the sunny skies seem to charge them. They always need to know what everyone is up to and have to be right there to experience it. But their well behaved enough to have their claws painted pretty colors too!

See, Curry definitely wants his coffee fix in the morning!

And then it hits them right away – everything is interesting!

They don’t sit still often so it’s difficult to get a photo of them.

zoeandcurry2Credit: Instagram / @zoeandcurry

Caught ya! The only way to get a tongue out Tuesday photo is to catch one of them grooming! It adds to the cuteness and silliness effect!

Don’t even think about going outside without them!

zoeandcurry3Credit: Instagram / @zoeandcurry

And you can catch them enjoying outside while they yawn! A cute yawn and a beautiful view from the patio – win/win!

zoeandcurry4Credit: Instagram / @zoeandcurry

Even when they’re not outside, they beg you to let them out. “HEY! You closed the door on me! Let me out!” She argues a strong case.

They’ve been curious and yelling since they were wee kittens.
zoeandcurry10Credit: Instagram / @zoeandcurry

We weren’t lying. Zoe on the left and angry Curry on the right – they want to be let out of the arms so they can investigate everything!

zoeandcurry7Credit: Instagram / @zoeandcurry

“OMG what is this thing?! I just discovered it. We need to start a file on it immediately. New species!!” The appropriate reaction when you discover anything new.

Hey! Whatcha doin’?

zoeandcurry8Credit: Instagram / @zoeandcurry

Wait, what happened to it? “I ate it.” Cats are always up to something. If they’re not putting something in their mouths, then they’re batting it away.

They do find some down time though.
zoeandcurry6Credit: Instagram / @zoeandcurry

When Zoe falls asleep it means that her mum can pain her tiny claws whatever colours she feels like. This time it’s green and gold for St. Patrick’s Day!

zoeandcurry5Credit: Instagram / @zoeandcurry

Zoe considering using her energy in work out and strengthening that stealthy kitty body. She’s just CONSIDERING though, just like we all do when we think we’ve put on some extra weight.

zoeandcurry9Credit: Instagram / @zoeandcurry

They also obey the “if I fits, I sits” cat rule. But it applies to the random towels that their human puts away and they both have to make sure they fit!!

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