Transformation Thursday: Doggy Edition!

Why do our pups have to change so much so fast?

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
Meaghan MinogueCredit: Facebook / Meaghan Minogue

Do you ever look at your pups and try your hardest to remember what they look like when you first brought them home? Maybe it’s been a while or maybe they just grow so fast it’s hard to remember. But, that’s what the Internet and social media and smart phones are for. You scroll through whatever folder / feed and find your old photos with your dogs. They were so much more different before! Or, they’re pretty much the same and they just kind of grew a little.

Chelsea LouCredit: Facebook / Chelsea Lou

If you rescued your pet from a shelter, you can look back on the photos of your poor fur baby and look how far they’ve come! Any pup who was rescued from a cage probably looks much happier being out of it.

Catriona ZambraCredit: Facebook / Catriona Zambra

Your tiny long boi or gurl was probably like a teeny tiny slinky when they were a puppy and now you look at your matured long boi/gurl and are so proud of your part-horse dog!

Katie BrownCredit: Facebook / Katie Brown

Don’t you wish the moments from earlier this year, when your dog was a tinier puppy and took up such little space? Now you have to fight for space on your own bed!

One thing’s for sure, what they loved when they were little is what they love now too!

Susan RoweCredit: Facebook / Susan Rowe

When your fur baby was little, they might have been afraid of some things. But now, they’re all grown and can conquer anything they set their mind to!

Sarah Kilmore‎Credit: Facebook / Sarah Kilmore‎

Your pups have probably waited by the door for you all their lives. And as they age, nothing changes but their size! Their love for you was there from the very beginning.

Elise ClarkCredit: Facebook / Elise Clark

This dog’s only hecking concern for all their life is where is their next nap spot may be. When this dog’s paw-rents disturb his naps he gives them this look to make them stop.

Kylie Lynn BeecherCredit: Facebook / Kylie Lynn Beecher

This little pupper went from nibbling any fingers in close vicinity to his teeth to trying to fit on the couch while hunting for something to nibble on. Oh how they grown and learn!

Forget Transformation Tuesdays for the fitspo people! It’s all about doggy transformations!

Lindsay GascheCredit: Facebook / Lindsay Gasche

As our puppies grow older, they become more confident with their surroundings and look pleased with every new environment. Unlike their puppy days where they are very concerned with everything new!

Erin CookCredit: Facebook / Erin Cook

Zoey hasn’t changed much from her puppy days. She still enjoys doing a sploot on the floor and observing humans doing so many things. Humans should learn to relax!

Grace GaskinCredit: Facebook / Grace Gaskin

This little Pibble does not forget what it’s like to be held. So at three years, she hasn’t changed since she was ten weeks and insists in being in her human’s arms at all times!

Cheryl RobertsCredit: Facebook / Cheryl Roberts

We really can’t imagine how our tiny little puppers can grow so much in just a year. We wonder when they’ll stop and how big they can get!

No matter how big or how different our pups may get, we love them as much as we did when we first met them!

Ashley GeorgeCredit: Facebook / Ashley George

Fluffy is forever with our pups and this pup is proof! From a fluff ball nugget to a fluff loaf – she’s the happiest pup!

Kristan ThornCredit: Facebook / Kristan Thorn

They’re just so cute when you bring them home and then they grow up, staying adorable. The transformations touch our hearts because, well, they not babies anymore!

Codie NicoleCredit: Facebook / Codie Nicole

This little rescue dog was 7 pounds when his mom rescued him. He survived Parvo and Kennel Cough and now he’s 55 pounds and happy and healthy!

Leslie ArmstrongCredit: Facebook / Leslie Armstrong

And nothing changes how boopable their little noses are. The good thing about puppers is that they will always charge at you nose first!

Let’s see some of your transformation photos!