Snoot Snoot Galore! Get Ready To Boop Your Screens

A non-exhaustive list of boopable snoots curated for you!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
Michelle O'MalleyCredit: Facebook / Michelle O’Malley

One of the best things about having a dog is when they run to you ready for all the pats when you enter the room. They will stick their face in yours begging for all kinds of pets and attention. It takes a lot of willpower to avoid cuddling your dog as soon as you get home. It’s the best welcome back you’ll ever have and you get it every single night. But another adorable perk of having a dog is when you both are relaxing and your dog sticks his face in front of yours. Doggie noses are just so boopable!

Leslie ArmstrongCredit: Facebook / Leslie Armstrong

Do you ever have those moments? You’re scrolling on your phone when you hear the pitter patter of furry feet running up to you. Then you look down and see a snoot!

Elizabeth J. WadsworthCredit: Facebook / Elizabeth J. Wadsworth

Some of the best booping snoots are when you go out to play with your doggo. Your doggo gets excited and rolls around and runs around and then comes back to you, snoot first. You boop the snoot and they go back to frolicking.

Alexis NicoleCredit: Facebook / Alexis Nicole

Then there are the unexpected snoot shots. Your doggy is relaxing and minding his own business when you come underneath him to get an awesome snoot shot!

The easiest snoots to shoot are the ones when your doggos are sleeping!

Morgan MillsCredit: Facebook / Morgan Mills

The sleep snoot allows for maximum gentle booping. Plus, if you’re lucky, you can see a twitchy snoot. It probably means your doggo is dreaming happily!

Alexis JacobsonCredit: Facebook / Alexis Jacobson

The sleepy snoot also allows the human to get an HD photo of your doggy’s snoot. You get to see the magicalness of doggy’s snoot in all its glory and whiskerness.

Kristan ThornCredit: Facebook / Kristan Thorn

Fair warning, don’t get too close to the snoot. As cute and boopable as it is, you might get in the crosshairs of smelly doggy breath! It might be worth it, but it might not.

Lynn BlaseyCredit: Facebook / Lynn Blasey

If you don’t mind the doggy breath, then you can watch your doggy slowly wake up from her nap. Before you know it, it’s time to play!

If your dogs introduces their snoot to you, that means they probably want something.

Taylor Ashlin CanamoreCredit: Facebook / Taylor Ashlin Canamore

This inquisitive snoot is wondering why you are not patting your entire doggo! Put down the phone, human, and pat the dog!

Alyssa SeagleCredit: Facebook / Alyssa Seagle

This big ol’ snoot isn’t so much wondering, but wanting some attention. He’s probably okay with just staring at you, though. Go ahead, stare dreamily at each other!

Taylor FelzCredit: Facebook / Taylor Felz

“Human, do you have time to throw a ball for me??”

The snoot is missing in this photo, but you probably can see it in your head. Aren’t those eyes just so heart-melting?

Alexis BergasseCredit: Facebook / Alexis Bergasse

This Corgi snoot cannot stand still because phones are for sniffing, but this human won’t let the Corgi sniff!

Then there are the “I’m bored” snoots.

Ashley SmithCredit: Facebook / Ashley Smith

“Human, I understand you might be busy, but please pay attention to me at least a little bit!!”

At least give the doggo a little pat or something!

Amanda MarieCredit: Facebook / Amanda Marie

This wolfy dog is not immune to snoot boops. Please boop all snoots equally! Imagine a domesticated wolf you could actually boop all day!

Opal KoenigCredit: Facebook / Opal Koenig

This snoot looks done with the human’s attempting at getting a good snoot.

“Can I put my head down yet, human??”

Rachel CalgaroCredit: Facebook / Rachel Calgaro

Our favorite is the happy snoot! It just gives us pure joy! We hope you enjoyed our snoot collection and hope we can see your snoots!