What’s Christie Brinkley’s Secret To Looking So Young?

Her two doggies! They keep her fit, fun, and fabulous.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
christiebrinkleyCredit: Instagram / @christiebrinkley

At 63 (yes, 63, you read that right!) Christie Brinkley still looks as young as she did when she first graced Sports Illustrated. Just recently, she made another reappearance in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition with her daughters looking more like their sister rather than their mother. But what keeps her looking this young anyways? Is it a special diet? Is it a special cream? Is it just magic?

christiebrinkley8Credit: Instagram / @christiebrinkley

Nope, Brinkley attributes her fountain of youth to her two doggies! Maple Sugar, a 14 year old Labradoodle and Chester, a rescue, are her “personal trainers”.

christiebrinkley3Credit: Instagram / @christiebrinkley

As opposed to Christie having to take her pups on walks, her pups take her on walks and jogs that keep her active and young.

christiebrinkley2Credit: Instagram / @christiebrinkley

At 14, Maple Sugar is rather sprightly for her age too. Since dogs become seniors around age 7, Maple is killing it at double that age! Brinkley gives credit where credit is due and attributes it to her nutrition, which Brinkley claims is the foundation of everything.

Dogs aren’t just life companions. They’re the secret to everlasting youth.

christiebrinkley7Credit: Instagram / @christiebrinkley

Chester, as adorable as he is, wasn’t originally Christie’s rescue. Her daughter, Sailor, originally adopted him, but he fell head over paws in love with Christie and would not stop following her around.

christiebrinkley5Credit: Instagram / @christiebrinkley

Christie even said in an interview with People, I have never had an animal love me quite the way Chester does, he can’t takes his eyes off me.” And now, they’re inseparable!

christiebrinkley6Credit: Instagram / @christiebrinkley

These two furry friends keep the supermodel young and active. In return, Christie keeps them healthy too with a highly nutritious diet.

christiebrinkley4Credit: Instagram / @christiebrinkley

It’s always about doggy love at the end of the day. What did we do to even deserve them?