Your Head Will Spin Over This Lena Dunham Dog Story

What really happened to precious Lamby?

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
lenadunham2Credit: Instagram / @lenadunham

Lena Dunham has always been one to find herself at the center of controversy over and over again. From her Twitter fingers to revealing memoir and onscreen antics, Dunham has never been afraid to not be everyone’s cup of tea. But this time Dunham is in the news because of her rescue dog, Lamby.

lenadunhamCredit: Instagram / @lenadunham

At the end of June, Lena announced on her Instagram that she painfully had to give away Lamby. Dunham stated his challenging and aggressive behavior as the reason for the surrender, which she blamed on his abuse suffered as a puppy. In a 2013 essay, that she wrote these claims of Lamby showing signs of aggression in the beginning, soon after the adoption.

lenadunham3Credit: Instagram / @lenadunham

Lamby was a frequent feature in the actress’ Instagram, so when she made those claims, BARC, the animal shelter where Lamby was rescued, stepped up to contradict her claims. Lena claims that Lamby’s abuse from his previous, multiple owners, while BARC claims there were no records of multiple owners. BARC states that his previous owner surrendered Lamby to them.

lenadunham4Credit: Instagram / @lenadunham

BARC claims Dunham made the abuse story up since there were photos of Dunham lovingly cuddling with Lamby. To add a twist, Matt Beisner who trained Lamby at Zen Dog, confirmed this aggressive behavior, and will be caring for the dog from now on.

So who is really telling the truth? What about her other dogs? What is really happening with Dunham and her doggies?? We just want what’s best for Lamby.