Kitty Is In Denial That There’s A New Baby In The House

If it were up to her, there wouldn’t even be a new baby!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
nala_takeCredit: Instagram / @nala_take

Once upon a time in a little house in Japan, there was a cat named Nala. She was the only pet in the house with her mom and dad. They decorated rooms for her with characters from the Disney movies. At dinner, Nala was allowed to sit with her parents while they ate yummy food. Nala soon noticed that her mommy’s tummy was swelling. This concerned Nala, but no one else was worried!

nala_take2Credit: Instagram / @nala_take

Her parents kept taking photos of her mommy’s big belly and only Nala was concerned about the size. You can even see it in her eyes!

nala_take4Credit: Instagram / @nala_take

But since her humans were happy, she decided not to worry so much. She spent her days watching people on the street from her window sill.

nala_take9Credit: Instagram / @nala_take

One day, Nala’s humans went away for a long time. When they came back, they weren’t alone. They brought back a tiny human. The human was tinier than a pillow!

Things changed after Nala’s parents brought back the tiny human.

nala_take5Credit: Instagram / @nala_take

She wondered why her parents had to help the tiny human eat. They didn’t even add extra dishes for the baby next to her food bowls. Everything was strange.

nala_take7Credit: Instagram / @nala_take

But when her mom fed the baby, Nala was able to curl up on her lap and smell the tiny human. He wasn’t so bad after all.

nala_take8Credit: Instagram / @nala_take

He sure was tiny though. How slow do baby humans grow? “I’m a cat,” Nala thought, “and even I’m longer than him!!”

nala_take6Credit: Instagram / @nala_take

Nala’s mommy was holding him way too much for her liking. So Nala took it upon herself to climb into her arms while she held the baby.

She was there first!

nala_take10Credit: Instagram / @nala_take

But it wasn’t like her parents completely ignored her. They still took silly pictures of her and wrapped her in towels like the baby.

nala_take11Credit: Instagram / @nala_take

Nala even liked the new containers that were for the baby. They were soft and Nala fit perfectly in them!

nala_take3Credit: Instagram / @nala_take

She started keeping the baby company and even let him participate in her daily bird watching. She thinks he caught as many glimpses as she did!

nala_take12Credit: Instagram / @nala_take

She can’t resist cuddling with the new baby and her mom. There is definitely enough room for the both of them in her arms!

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