Big And Smol Dogs: Best Friends, Big Size Difference

Size ain’t no thang – dog friendships are the best friendships

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
Aislinn CarsonCredit: Facebook / Aislinn Carson

When your squad looks this good together, nothing else matters. Since the world is fighting for inclusiveness, they should just look at these awesome dog crews. We’ve got big and tall, small and fluffy, and tiny and ferocious. It doesn’t get more diverse than that.

We often hear that some people’s dogs don’t like certain dog breeds or big or small dogs. But maybe with some convincing and playtime, these dogs can see the perks of being friends with different kinds of dogs.

Anne Marie HochhalterCredit: Facebook / Anne Marie Hochhalter

Big dogs are usually the gentle giants patiently waiting for their lil buddies to calm down. You can barely see this doggo’s tiny bff because she’s almost blending into the carpet! She’s also upside down and is probably a handful for the big doggo.

Chloe KnightCredit: Facebook / Chloe Knight

This Pibble and Pug crew is way too excited to see each other so the picture is blurry. We can’t get enough of their happy faces and anticipation to play, play, play!

Rebecca McAuleyCredit: Facebook / Rebecca McAuley

Big and Smol fluff love each other but are also intrigued by each other.

Smol: What is this big doggo doing? Either way, I want in.

Big: If I look at the Smol one like this, then we’re the same size!!

Life isn’t always about cookie cutter twins!

Lorraine WyattCredit: Facebook / Lorraine Wyatt

These two have the same color scheme, but are definitely different in size and personality. Who says Pibbles can’t be friends with puppies??

Konneli GrahamCredit: Facebook / Konneli Graham

One of the practicalities of having a big friend when you’re the Smol one is that you can hide under them when you’re afraid of things like baths, thunder, and fireworks! The Big one might not even notice.

Jayne SteigerCredit: Facebook / Jayne Steiger

First, you must greet your Big friend by eagerly running to sniff Big’s head. The Big friend will usually kneel down to Smol’s level for ideal sniffing. And then, cuddles for the both of you!

Elizabeth WeaverCredit: Facebook / Elizabeth Weaver

When you’re the little one, you gravitate towards the big dogs for their big shadow on hot days. It’s the one time where living in someone’s shadow is a perk.

But, at the end of the day, it’s all about awesome company!

Patty WexlerCredit: Facebook / Patty Wexler

If there’s a bigger shadow, then you both can enjoy it! Some of the best friendships are the one’s where you don’t have to do anything to enjoy the other’s company!

Katie LeClercCredit: Facebook / Katie LeClerc

Another case of curiosity – Smol dog looks up to his new doggo friend to see what it’s like up there! Big doggo wondering what Smol one is doing.

Lizzie BoorseCredit: Facebook / Lizzie Boorse

You grow old with your BFF and it’s all fun and games. Or in this case, it’s all fun and relaxation. Big gets a live warming pad and Smol gets a warm seat!

Krista WascoCredit: Facebook / Krista Wasco

There are always differences in friendships and that’s what makes them work. Whether you have a chill dog and an excited dog or a big and a smol dog, it’s all about the fun they have together.

What does your dog’s BFF look like?