Profile Pictures Vs. Tagged Photos: Doggy Edition

They’re beautiful and then they’re … not so beautiful.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
Arohi Bhakhri‎Credit: Facebook / Arohi Bhakhri‎

Our dogs are beautiful. The first look they give you when you wake up or come back home, it makes your day because you’re just so in love your fur baby. When you bring your dogs out for a walk or out to play and they run around with such joy on their face, you just have to take a photo. But then, when things either get too serious or too calm, they let their guard down. It’s almost like when Netflix asks you if you’re still watching and you catch your reflection in your screen. It’s not always what you want to see.

Amanda BackusCredit: Facebook / Amanda Backus

There’s nothing that’s not beautiful about your pup, it’s just that at some angles the beauty becomes more abstract. We’re in love with this pup’s smile – both ways! #Teefies

Rebekah DaleCredit: Facebook / Rebekah Dale

Samoyeds are usually beautiful, majestic cloud floofs. And this fluffy pupper is beautiful and majestic until that side-eye comes in.

“Don’t bother me. I am relaxing except I look very frightened.”

Katelyn RonspiezCredit: Facebook / Katelyn Ronspiez

Mr. Otis is only pleased when he has a toy in his teeth. Any other moment displeases him. No pats without toys, please.

They’re so photogenic and then in a second they’re just not …

Lyndsey DoroughCredit: Facebook / Lyndsey Dorough

It’s amazing how your doggy can go from being the sweet baby pupper to the chomping finger master. Don’t mess with the wrong doggy.

Kieran BlakeCredit: Facebook / Kieran Blake

Is this even the same dog???? This is the doggy version of school pictures vs. spring break. Poor doggy didn’t even know what happened.

Kimberly HugginsCredit: Facebook / Kimberly Huggins

This is why we always teach models that they must know their angles! You just don’t know what will happen when you get too close to the camera.

Bay GerlingsCredit: Facebook / Bay Gerlings

This Golden smiles and then he started to s c R e a M.

Yup, we just shattered the image of Golden Retriever as being the everlasting beautiful breed.

If you’re bored of how your dog looks today, just turn him over and you’ll get a brand new, probably sillier dog. We promise it works!

Courtney GahanCredit: Facebook / Courtney Gahan

This beautiful doggy is just as beautiful upside-down as right side up. It’s just paws are more available for play and you get a beautiful view of adorable, but sharp teeth!

Darby Kathleen Cross MurphyCredit: Facebook / Darby Kathleen Cross Murphy

It works for any breed. This beautiful Staffy looks magnificent taking a break from a walkie. But at home and upside-down, this doggy is a whole new adorable, somewhat crazy dog!

Holly BronsonCredit: Facebook / Holly Bronson

It’s best if you have a particularly squishy dog with lots of folds. Gravity helps with when you flip your dog over and you get all the rolls!!

Amber Renee Flores-PowellCredit: Facebook / Amber Renee Flores-Powell

Then when your doggo is asleep, you get the best photos that are not traditionally beautiful, but wrinkly and drooly and snorey. We love it!

Do your dogs have any photos like these?