7 Year Old Iris Finds Support For Her Autism In Her Maine Coon Kitty

Iris Grace and Thula Have an Amazing Friendship

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
Iris Grace Painting 5Credit: Iris Grace Painting / Facebook

Thula always wants to be involved with whatever Iris is doing – painting, playing, or even sleeping.

Iris Grace of the UK was born with autism and could only say a few words by the age of 5. But in addition to speech therapy, her parents encouraged Iris to paint to express herself. They soon discovered that she had a gift for creating masterpieces way beyond her age. In order to support Iris even more, her parents sought out the idea of therapy animals. When they were cat-sitting a Siamese, Iris took too the kitty. So, after a few trials and errors, they settled with Thula, a Maine Coone kitty.

Iris Grace Painting6Credit: Iris Grace Painting / Facebook

Some of Iris Grace’s beautiful paintings – she’s quite the budding artist.

Iris Grace PaintingCredit: Iris Grace Painting / Facebook

The family added Thula when she was a kitten and even though she wasn’t a trained therapy cat, she still helps Iris Grace with her social skills (in between naps, of course).

The friendship is now going on two years and is going strong. Thula’s breed, Maine Coone, is known to be intelligent and gentle. She lowers Iris’ daily anxieties and encourages her to be more social. She even gets Iris to say phrases like, “Sit, cat.” Whatever Iris is doing, Thula is right there with her.

Iris Grace Painting 4Credit: Iris Grace Painting / Facebook

They’ve been best friends since Thula was a kitten and Iris was 5.

Iris Grace Painting 3Credit: Iris Grace Painting / Facebook

Whether Iris is reading or playing or sitting with her mother, Thula is somewhere close by.

Iris Grace Painting 2Credit: Iris Grace Painting / Facebook

It’s always great to have a friend with you when you want to jump to your next stage in life.

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