YouTwo TV’s Jaz & Harjit

With Their Dogs Kobe & Snoopy

By The Get Leashed Doggy Style Team

Capturing the real, the funny, and the super honest parts of relationships is YouTwo TV’s specialty. Their growing YouTube channel, with over 154 million views and counting, is highly addictive, with new videos released twice a week. We caught up with Jaz and Harjit plus their adorable dogs, who are working on a friendship. to chat about their recent MMVA win and what’s next for their channel.  Read on to learn about these content creators and their puppers!

Please tell us a bit about your dogs. How did they come into your life? Is there a story behind the names or particular breeds?

H: Snoopy is a half Jack Russell and half Poodle. My sisters best friend had two dogs and neither of them were spayed or neutered so they ended up having a litter of puppies themselves. We went over one day and my sisters friend kind of just let us pick one and take her home! When we got home, she instantly started sniffing around everywhere for hours, from behind the couch to every single corner of our house. That’s actually where the name Snoopy comes from because she was a little snooper and she actually still is!

J: Kobe is a mix between an Australian Shepherd and Golden Retriever and he’ll be 4 years old this year! I wish I had an inspiring story about getting him at the shelter or something, but it was kind of a spur of the moment thing. My Dad was in India and my Brother and I had the house to ourselves and our friend would bring her dog over all the time. We kind of fell in love and one night decided “hey let’s get a dog, but let’s get it tonight before we change our minds”. So we honestly just looked on Kijiji, we found someone who was giving away their dogs and they lived an hour away. We went to go see the breeder at 9 pm and he gave me Kobe to hold and there wasn’t really any turning back. We originally had named him Biggie after Biggie Smalls, but when we got him home the name just didn’t fit right. The next day, this little tiny puppy would keep trying to play with this basketball that was twice his size so we jokingly called him Kobe Bryant and then the name Kobe kind of stuck. Also, my Dad wasn’t so pleased when he got home, but he’s in love with Kobe now.

Congrats on your recent MMVA win! What a big moment. Was this a surprise? What’s next for your channel?

H: Thank you so much! This was definitely one of the biggest moments in our career to date! The MMVAs have never had an award for creators, so we were the first creators to get it and we were up against some really talented people! We both grew up watching the MMVA’s so it was a dream come true to get up on that stage and accept that award!

J: We have a lot planned for our career, both in and out of YouTube! Right now we’re focusing on just growing our channel, introducing some new and fun content and we want to eventually produce a live show for a tour. We really just want a chance to meet our fans, they are the reason we are where we are today.

How would you describe your personal style?

H: I honestly love wearing anything black, I only started introducing any sort of color into my wardrobe this year. By color I mean, really dark colors like burgundy and forest greens, haha. Ironically, my personality and the characters we play on YouTube are super vibrant.

J: I feel like my style changes constantly, I haven’t really found my PERSONAL style. However, right now I’m feeling the whole streetwear/ athletic vibe. I own way too many sneakers and will usually throw on some jeans and a cropped sweater!

We love the humor and truth of your relationship videos. How is the relationship between Kobe and Snoopy?

H: Thank you! Kobe and Snoopy have actually only met a handful of times and the relationship is not so great haha! Snoopy gets really scared whenever she sees Kobe and will never give him the time of day. It’s super strange, because she’s the boss of our house; whatever she says goes.

J: Kobe on the other hand, is super super friendly and he’ll try countless times to be Snoopy’s friend but continues to get rejected. We’re hoping one day they’ll both come around, but for now we try to keep them away from each other.

What would you say to someone starting out on YouTube?

H: Starting is the first step! A lot of people have that thought “Oh I’m going to start a YouTube channel..” but never actually start it. After that, find what you love and do that because people on the internet know when you’re being sincere and when you’re not.

J: You also need to be consistent! CONSISTENCY IS KEY! It’s hard at first, you may not get a lot of views, but not giving up is half the battle. Having a schedule and sticking to it is what really worked for us.

What does your ideal weekend look like?

H: Because YouTube is our job, we don’t really have weekends. There is no end time for our work, it really is a 24 hour job.

J: When we do have a few hours off, we love to just watch Netflix and eat some good food. We’re so busy producing content that sometimes we forget the importance of consuming content as well.

What inspires you?

H – Jaz, because she’s a big dreamer and that positive vibe spreads to to me. Whenever one of us feels uninspired, the other one will pick up the slack and I think that in itself is inspiring.

J – Harjit, because he’s so hardworking and he taught me to never stop when you’re tired but to stop when you’re done.

Finally, can you leave us with a funny story about the dogs?

H – The day Kobe and Snoopy first met! We had no idea that you’re supposed to introduce dogs to one another in a new territory, that was our first mistake.  Jaz had brought Kobe over for the first time and before he could even get to the door, Snoopy went into hiding mode. She was so scared, she wouldn’t even let Kobe near her. The first thing Kobe did when he got to my house was obviously pee EVERYWHERE, marking his territory.

J – We honestly tried our best to make them friends, but we would see Snoopy on top of the couch, or the chair, even the table (we’re convinced she’s half cat, haha). Kobe ate all of her food and the whole night he hung out under the kitchen table while Snoopy hung out on top of the kitchen table.

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Jaz’s Instagram : @sincerelyxjaz Harjit’s Instagram: @whoisharjit plus Kobe’s Instagram: @sincerelykobe