The Queen Made An Addition To Her Fur Family

It’s no surprise what it was, but it’s still important!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @theroyalfamily

The Queen is no stranger to many opulent things. With her brightly colored wardrobe and her impressive arsenal of political, philanthropic, and pet expertise, the Queen of England is a pretty powerful woman. She’s known for having an entourage of Corgis wherever she goes since she adopted her first Corgi in 1944.


Credit: Instagram / @sumosocorgi

At one point in her life, Queen Elizabeth had 13 Corgis at once. In 2014, she decided to stop breeding and announced that her current pets would be her last. She and the Duke thought it would be too much to have so many rowdy puppies around them.


Credit: Instagram / @lacorgi

But just recently, the Queen adopted another Corgi named Whisper. Whisper belonged to the Queen’s late gamekeeper Bill Fenwick. She would walk his dogs when he couldn’t and added Whisper to her pack. Whisper joins Willow the Corgi and Corgi-Dachshund mixes, Vulcan and Candy.


Credit: Instagram / @theroyalfamily

Although the Queen may not be breeding any more Corgis, the rest of the royals have all the opportunities to continue to adopt all kinds of dogs. We can’t wait to see more royal canines!