This Coonhound Makes A Great Adventure Companion Except For One Thing

She’s basically there to lounge in different spots

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
thiswildideaCredit: Instagram / @thiswildidea

When you grow up and realize that not everyone has to aspire to own that house on the hill with a white picket fence, you learn that you can take your freedom and travel the world. Whether you enjoy visiting other cities or love finding beautiful natural sites, the world is your oyster and your doggy is your furry sidekick. If you’re one to explore the wilderness, all you have to do is pack your vehicle and follow the unkempt roads.

thiswildidea6Credit: Instagram / @thiswildidea

That’s exactly what Theron Humphrey does with his Coonhound Maddie. He packs up his little car with Maddie in tow and camps all around the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

thiswildidea2Credit: Instagram / @thiswildidea

They spend time with all sorts of people enjoying the fresh air. Maddie spends most of the time lounging somewhere enjoying the peaceful sounds of the nature.

thiswildidea3Credit: Instagram / @thiswildidea

And when she is in a home, she definitely takes the opportunity to mess up anything clean with her muddy paws. Then she takes a nice nap in the midst of her mess.

Because when you’re that free, anything goes.

thiswildidea4Credit: Instagram / @thiswildidea

Maddie doesn’t care if it’s a couch, a stump, or the ground. She will surrender the fight with either real of stuffed mallards and fall asleep.

thiswildidea5Credit: Instagram / @thiswildidea

When she is awake, she does like to participates in her human’s wild activities.

“Is the water an okay temperature? From up here it seems a bit chilly!!”

thiswildidea7Credit: Instagram / @thiswildidea

She stays close to Humphrey’s side and doesn’t let him out of her sight. She knows that they won’t stay in any one place too long and is always eager for the next adventure.

thiswildidea8Credit: Instagram / @thiswildidea

But who knows, maybe Maddie is just in it for the yummy food and great napping zones. We’d tag along for those exact reasons too!

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