This Therapy Pug And His Kitten, Cheese, Will Give You All The Feels

That’s the perk of having a pet – you can name them whatever you’d like.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
alfiethepug_beatCredit: Instagram / @alfiethepug_beat

Therapy dogs come in all different sizes, shapes, and fur types. They train diligently to be pat, coddled, and happy for whoever needs them. Whether it’s trauma, sickness, or just plain ol’ sadness, there’s a therapy dog for that. It might seem like a simple thing petting a dog, but the simple things are the ones that can matter the most. Therapeutic petting should be available to everyone. We’d fight for it!

alfiethepug_beat2Credit: Instagram / @alfiethepug_beat

Aflie the Pug is not like his Retriever coworkers. He’s a little smaller, less fluffy, and definitely has more wrinkles. His adorable accessories makes him that much more pettable. He just looks so happy it’s even contagious in pictures.

alfiethepug_beat3Credit: Instagram / @alfiethepug_beat

He works hard at his job as a therapy dog at various hospitals. He works for Pets As Therapy and is a part-time unicorn. He’s always happy to keep anyone who needs him company!

alfiethepug_beat4Credit: Instagram / @alfiethepug_beat

It gets pretty tiring being that cute and loved. So, when Alfie’s done his very important work, he assumes loaf position and snores all the way home.

There he joins his special friend … Cheese!

alfiethepug_beat5Credit: Instagram / @alfiethepug_beat

Cheese is Alfie’s adorable Bengal kitty! He loves to nap and play with Alfie whenever Aflie comes back after a hard day’s work.

alfiethepug_beat6Credit: Instagram / @alfiethepug_beat

Their favorite past time is lounging on their many beautifully colored cushions and napping in the sunlight. That’s about all that they do with each other.

alfiethepug_beat7Credit: Instagram / @alfiethepug_beat

When the sun is gone, these two curl up on fluffy blankets and their unicorn stuffy and continue to snore the day away.

alfiethepug_beat11Credit: Instagram / @alfiethepug_beat

When they do wake, they usually reposition themselves and relax anymore. But they do play with each other sometimes – just to exert some kind of energy that they get from all that rest!

Cheese is Alfie’s snuggle buddy – he needs to rest a lot from all of his adventures.

alfiethepug_beat8Credit: Instagram / @alfiethepug_beat

When you work part-time as BatPug, you’re city always needs you to save the world! Alfie knows it’s a huge responsibility and takes it very seriously.

alfiethepug_beat9Credit: Instagram / @alfiethepug_beat

Because sometimes you get to meet your superheroes and it’s the best day ever! Look how happy Aflie is to be with Batman!!

alfiethepug_beat10Credit: Instagram / @alfiethepug_beat

Plus, when Pugs are so popular, you must have a pug meet up to compare neck rolls. Alfie loses out on this one, but wins with his adorable peekaboo tongue!

alfiethepug_beat12Credit: Instagram / @alfiethepug_beat

At the end of the day, it’s back to nap time with Cheese and that’s exactly how a dog’s life should be!

For more photos of Alfie and even videos of Cheese and Alfie actually playing, follow them on Instagram @alfiethepug_beat!