This Woman Travels The World With Her Husky And Will Make You Want To

Wanderlust is best shared with a dog

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
veryireCredit: Instagram / @veryire

Huskies are gorgeous dogs. Their wolf-like features make them look majestic and worthy of your attention. But Huskies don’t just ask for your attention. They beg for it. They need your attention at all times – you have two hands. One is for constant petting and the other is for whatever else you need to do. If your Husky could, he’d probably follow you around the world.

veryire2Credit: Instagram / @veryire

And that’s exactly what Irina and her beautiful Husky, Space Goldman do. From Russia to California, and then to Europe, this gorgeous duo takes breathtaking photos in the most beautiful places around the world.

veryire3Credit: Instagram / @veryire

Irina is a professional photographer and content creator so her Instagram account is just the tip of her creativity. Space Goldman was just born a beautiful model so he makes the job that much easier.

veryire4Credit: Instagram / @veryire

Love and beauty just exudes from these photos and they will definitely warm your heart as you scroll through the feed. A balance of cool and warm colors will up your aesthetic goals.

It’s not just the beauty of the photos that steal your heart. It’s the beautiful relationship.

veryire5Credit: Instagram / @veryire

Irina and her Husky look like they have the closest bond anyone would. The friendship between you and your dog supersedes any number of followers you might have on social media!

veryire6Credit: Instagram / @veryire

Plus, it takes a lot of love and effort to lift such a big fur baby for the photograph. At least Space Goldman appreciates the gesture.

veryire7Credit: Instagram / @veryire

It’s hard to outshine some of the outstanding backdrops Irina finds for her photos, but the two of them always do.

veryire8Credit: Instagram / @veryire

Their photos make photography and lifting a heavy husky so easy and blissful. We give Irina kudos for all of her effort.

But with any relationship, there are moments of silliness to counterbalance the serene.

veryire9Credit: Instagram / @veryire

There are days to bun up, put some sweats on and take your Husky out on a walk in the busy streets. On the many breaks, there are opportunities to love your silly pup and enjoy a happy tongue out smile.

veryire10Credit: Instagram / @veryire

When you go back to your home, it’s understood that you should take an equally beautiful photo with the iconic and beautiful architecture that millions around the world know and love.

veryire11Credit: Instagram / @veryire

You need to know the tricks of having a good photo with one of the great finds of the city. You must always be on squirrel watch to have such a serious face from your silly Husky.

veryire12Credit: Instagram / @veryire

How else can you get a photo of both of you looking off into two different distances? We applaud Irina and her beautiful photos.

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