Why Your Pup, Your Camera, And A Wall Will Get You Likes

Get Inspired By Woof And Walls

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
woofandwallsCredit: Instagram / @woofandwalls

At one point or another, we’d do anything for the ‘gram. Whether it’s stopping mid-conversation to grab a photo by something odd or eccentric or going all out with the HD cameras and proper lighting, we love it when we get all the hearts on Instagram. Having a dog adds the perk of being a part of the dogs of Instagram community. One of the cutest most supportive community you can find, the dog community is full of adorable, artsy, and funny photos you can look at to cheer you up.

woofandwalls2Credit: Instagram / @woofandwalls

Some of the best shots on Instagram are usually people (or dogs) posing in front of some beautiful street art. So much so that there’s a whole Instagram account dedicated to dogs and walls @woofandwalls.

woofandwalls3Credit: Instagram / @woofandwalls

Based in Chicago, Illinois, Woof and Walls is a lifestyle blog that curates beautiful photos of dogs in front of street art. They sell cute merchandise like pins and bandanas for your doggy.

woofandwalls4Credit: Instagram / @woofandwalls

It celebrates everything that is beautiful with street art and adorable doggies. The poised pup is the cherry on top of brightly colored art that sometimes can even motivate you.

The feed just screams out happiness without even trying.

woofandwalls6Credit: Instagram / @woofandwalls

In our opinion at Get Leashed, it’s almost like free therapy. You get to see the bright colors of city walls and happy pups – what more can you ask for?

woofandwalls7Credit: Instagram / @woofandwalls

You even get to see pups and their people. It’s goals AF and we’re encouraging all of our readers to take more photos like this!

woofandwalls8Credit: Instagram / @woofandwalls

We mean, it’s a pretty good break from looking at screens and screens of text. There’s also a coherent theme that satisfies the eyes too.

woofandwalls9Credit: Instagram / @woofandwalls

The photos encourage so many things without having to explicitly state anything either. You really get the feel that a picture is really worth a thousand words.

And if you aspire to be hipster, this is one of the first steps to take, unless it’s too mainstream for you, of course.

woofandwalls5Credit: Instagram / @woofandwalls

Dogs are mainstream though and it’s a perfect blend of re-purposing street art, pet life, and photography. Who knew that all these things went together so well.

woofandwalls10Credit: Instagram / @woofandwalls

Some pups just go so well with some street art it’s almost as if it was meant to be. This quote and this dog basically state my life purpose.

woofandwalls11Credit: Instagram / @woofandwalls

This photo’s got it all – a classic quote in bright colors and a dog looking off to the side as if nothing in life is as important in this photo. 10+

woofandwalls12Credit: Instagram / @woofandwalls

And this is the ultimate post-postmodern photo we can find – a dog staring at a depiction of an instant message trying to describe the loneliness in our well-connected technological world. It’s happy and sad at the same time.

We want to see your Woofs and Walls! For more amazing photos, follow their account @woofandwalls!