Can You Guess Which Celeb Is A Closet Cat Lady?

Her cats love her as much as cookies love milk.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
katebeckinsaleCredit: Instagram / @katebeckinsale

Sometimes, when you’re a beautiful celebrity, it gets tiring having so many people love you. What an awful life to live! So, the best solution for you is to adopt as many cats as you can. Cats love you and all, but they are much more subtly about showing it then dogs. And that’s exactly what Kate Beckinsale has with her kitties. With her hectic, leading lady schedule, starring in the new movie The Only Living Boy In New York, Kate Beckinsale goes home after busy days to her adorable albeit grumpy looking kitties.

katebeckinsale2Credit: Instagram / @katebeckinsale

Her majestic Persian kitty, Clive, is subject to Beckinsale’s many costumes. He looks amazing in them, but he is not pleased with the routine at all.

katebeckinsale3Credit: Instagram / @katebeckinsale

It doesn’t get old either. Shoving your perma-grumpy cat into a Gingerbread man costume is an easy mood lifter. Just look at his face!

katebeckinsale4Credit: Instagram / @katebeckinsale

She doesn’t just have her kitties. She has a Pomeranian doggy too! Annie’s best friend is her Pomeranian tapestry pillow. We’re not surprised at all.

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