12 Photos That Prove Your Dog Needs A Furry Hiking Buddy

Grayson the Husky loved hikes with his humans, but now he’s even happier!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
graywoofCredit: Instagram / @graywoof

Sometimes when we look at our dogs, we can’t believe that they’re the descendants of anything wild and majestic (ahem, Bulldogs, Pugs, and Yorkies, we’re looking at you!). However, when we bring home other breeds like Wolfhounds, Huskies, and Malamutes, we can see just how closely they resemble their wolfish ancestors. Sometimes we spoil our pups and let them lounge in our fluffy beds while watching Netflix, but other times, we take them out to their natural world – the forest, the hills, and the mountains.

graywoof3Credit: Instagram / @graywoof

And that’s exactly what Grayson and Weston get to do. They get to roam wild and free with their humans in the dry, hot desert, the dense forest, or the cold, snowy mountains.

graywoof7Credit: Instagram / @graywoof

These fluffy brothers love being outdoors with each other and show their wolfish instincts while roaming the unpredictable outdoors.

graywoof5Credit: Instagram / @graywoof

That’s not all that they do. They do like to lounge on their fruity pool floaties during the hot, summer lazy days too. They’re pretty professional resters.

But it wasn’t always the two of them!

graywoof9Credit: Instagram / @graywoof

At one point, Grayson was the lone wolf of the mostly human pack. He came along for the adventure and took in all the sights alone.

graywoof10Credit: Instagram / @graywoof

It wasn’t awful being alone. Like any first-born child, you get all the attention, the best photos, and solo shots.

graywoof11Credit: Instagram / @graywoof

But the family decided to adopt another fluffy pup to bring on their adventures. Gray got to meet Weston the White Swiss Shepherd puppy and the boys hit it off immediately.

graywoof8Credit: Instagram / @graywoof

Because that’s the point of having a brother, right? You get to be each other’s partner in crime and do everything together – including gnawing at each other’s faces.

Weston fell into routine with ease.

graywoof2Credit: Instagram / @graywoof

Like his brother, he tagged along on the hikes and took to his own hammock. You can’t always go all day without some kind of break!

graywoof6Credit: Instagram / @graywoof

He learned to explore by following his big brother and loved getting his paws wet. No use being clean if you can’t learn to have fun!

graywoof4Credit: Instagram / @graywoof

But this little fur baby loves to lounge on his lemon slice in the pool built by humans. It’s a ruff life, but a good life being a puppy.

graywoof12Credit: Instagram / @graywoof

He’s got big paw prints to fill. Gray is a pro adventurer and model. Soon Weston will have amazing shots like his big brother!

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