Founders & Furballs – Insta CEO Kevin Systrom And His Golden Girl Dolly

Being the CEO of one of the biggest social media giants has its perks.

kevin4Credit: Instagram / @kevin

Kevin gets to work with the most hip and happening Instagram stars while build out the versatility of Instagram and improving its user experience. This is possibly the coolest job in the world. No-Hashtag-Nessessary.

kevin6Credit: Instagram / @kevin

Kevin and Mike routinely host an internal, IG Speaker Series at Instagram HQ where they interview special guests about their life, their work, and, of course, their Instagram. #Innovation #Sharing #WorkLife

kevin5Credit: Instagram / @kevin

When we did a major creep of Kevin’s feed for this story, we stumbled upon this photo of him snuggling with this little nugget. #DogsOfInsta #DogsOfInstagram #Awwww

dollyCredit: Instagram / @dolly

Now, just because Kevin is busy running one of the best companies in the world doesn’t mean that he forgets about Dolly at home. After work, they go on plenty of hikes where Dolly takes it upon herself to find the biggest stick possible! Obvious, #DogGoals here!

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